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If, like me, you have an unreasonable love for rolling on tables to generate things for ( or otherwise) use, it may please you to know that one of the finest purveyors of such items is having a dollar sale on :

Broke down and ordered the softcover version of despite having no group to play with or fancy dice (yet). Just wanted something to leaf through in bed, and needed something to add for free shipping. Gotta spend money to save money, right? Now, about those dice...

Does anyone know what happened to I discovered it in early February or so and there used to be multiple posts per week, but now it's been silent for months.

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I posted the original dataset and a huge export of generated characters.
Including 94 named Dave.

Inspired by the cyberwitch @kiramagrann I'm introducing a May I Ask You An RPG Question? Q&A kind of dealio, hashtag and answer every even day. :)

Kira's hashtag was SO GOOD I just want to keep the chat going. go check out that hashtag, join me in this one, and check out Kira on

So not that I am going to go back to it any time soon but I just fell down a Skyrim mod browsing rabbit hole and found THE objectively best mod:


Nice to see submissions coming in. I've never followed a before, but I can't wait to give these a spin when I find some time!

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Thanks to @gamehawk's post here I found some nice links on diceware and passphrases:

- EFF's dice passphrases page is great and clear:
- The Diceware FAQ, especially the "how long" part, are very interesting


~ Quick Crowdsourced Fediverse Enhancement ~

Two small and easy tasks that you can do right now. If everyone did only one of them, it'd make everyone else's federated timelines and hashtag searches more excellent.

1) Go to the federated timeline right now, and scroll until you see something that makes you go "yay!" or "huh, interesting" or "cool". Boost it.

2) Post about something you love, post it ๐ŸŒโ€‹ Public, and tag it with three hashtags.

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As promised, here's a little writeup on generating island shapes on a hex grid with just d6 and a pencil:

Shoutout to @kensanata for his Text Mapper making this 99% easier to come up with!

Tried some content-aware rescaling on my cat - photoshop filter that tries to preserve the most important pixels as a photo is rescaled

who sells good regular-ass non-mechanical pencils?

decent lead, good erasers that don't fall off or break after 10 seconds and last more than a week

Oh, Ironsworn seems to have made it to , for those who prefer centralizing their libraries there. Now I have no excuse not to check it out! ๐ŸŽฒ @nevenall

Appreciating all the toots. I'm not a designer, but it's fun to get some looks behind the scenes.

Is it a common thing to have multiple Masto accounts? I'm thinking of having not just this one, where I'll be doing all my tooting from, but also setting up 1-2 more to have easier access to the local timelines of other instances that interest me.

I know some people have separate accounts for separate interests, but I doubt I would be spreading my few toots among several accounts.

@cardboard @Alamantus Oh, indeed! From my handle you can guess that I'm not that fond of crunchy systems :-P

And I forgot the fantastic The Skeletons, by @jmstar, which can be played solo. You don't write anything down but there aren't any dice either. Also available from DriveThruRPG.

Possibly not that interesting for you due to the lack of crunch, but I think it's a great concept, maybe you can try a similar reversal with whatever game(s) you end up with.

@cardboard @hardcorenarrativist I just realized that I have a simple one that I haven't played yet: One Deck Dungeon. I backed it on Kickstarter, but I think you can just buy it normally now. It's not super crunchy, but it's got a bunch of d6's to roll and random chance and cool art: