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Well, that took way longer than it should have but I updated my Lasers & Feelings hack about monkeys who find themselves (sort of) in control of a spaceship. Now it has epub and kindle versions!

The text is slightly altered, but not significantly enough to affect gameplay. I'll update the PDF to match when I can stand to look at this monitor for another zillion hours.

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I hate to interrupt your doomscrolling, but I must. The world must know about this drawing I found while spacing out and clicking links. I present to you: the Derpiest Wolf.

Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.

All info on the submission page (heads up, google forms):

Helpful cat is here to adjust your monitor and unplug all your USB cables.

cw: politics, abortion rights, charity 

oh hey, I made this offer on birdhell, so I should make it here

if you show me a receipt for a donation to an abortion rights org or fund today, I'll hook you up with everything I've got on itch

(I went with myself, if you want a suggestion)

the goods:

Hi friends! If you're looking for a #job, iNaturalist is hiring for some techie roles

@kensanata Please add me to Art, Fantasy, Gardening, Nature, OSR, Outdoors, RPG, Science Fiction, Writing.

Do any folks know of a GMless game where the players each play a PC like normal, but also play a faction that their PC *isn't* part of, where the factions can have opposing goals or be actively hostile to the PCs?

I'm revising and adding a few more moves for the setting playbooks. This one's for the Elements. "Force living things to adapt" kind of works. But then, it's also implied by everything else about the playbook, so maybe I need a completely different one...

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To clarify, I mean over a large scale and a long time. Like, in order to live in the desert, people and animals have to change their behavior and traits in certain ways. What is the desert doing?

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Is there a verb or at least a less awkward phrase that means "to be the thing everyone has to adapt to"?

Ichthyologists when their study species act up.


Never fails to amuse me:


Fungus guy conquered, now a dirt bike LARPer gang appears! They're armed with wooden swords and armored with football gear, have saddles on their dirt bikes, and follow a mysterious prophet queen, so this is obviously going to go well.

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So far we've all tried to fight Fungus Guy, with a knife, a pistol, a stick, and a lightning gun.
We have all failed.

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The tree is pissed off at us, but we eventually got the kid now, only to be attacked by the fungus person who is the underground owner of these fingers:

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The fight was ended by a tree grabbing the kid and dangling him in the air. The PCs are helpfully shouting advice.

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The Spanish moss in Alternate Florida whispers. In Spanish, obviously, thus the name.

I just failed a roll to talk to it.

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We're playing another session of Monster of the Week: Vigil Creek Nature Preserve. The GM just introduced a new NPC, the groundskeeper, who is... the Alternate Florida version of himself.

Me: I need to recalibrate my brain. Maybe I should think about something that actually does make me sad?

Me, ten seconds later: You know what, fine, I'll just go ahead and be weird for a few days.

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You know that phase of depression where you're starting to pull yourself out of it and then you hit a day where you feel better but also weird and exposed and cry at random things that aren't even sad, they just hit your brain in the wrong spot?
Not my favorite thing.

Skimming random bits of the Ecopunk PDF, thinking, wow this seems like a lot of setup, and then this line won me over:
"While many people find a truly human fulfilment in this return, community is not inherently good."

THANK YOU. Community is NOT inherently good. Sometimes it's kinda okay and better than nothing. Sometimes it's WORSE than nothing, especially if you don't conform perfectly to your community's norms.

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