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Hello humans, My name is Marcus and like many others, I am checking out twitter alternatives. Not running yet but want to be better prepared than I was when G+ went. I write small RPGs as a hobby, love VTTs and just get into 3d printing. Always searching for my "one true game". Going to probably post about and Adventure Wargames with some appropriate 3d printing thrown in. More a trad than a story gamer tbh. Links in my profile.

1/? work/life 

I'm not well.

I basically had to give up my leadership career because post-concussion & disability means i can't really teach, adding in queer+transness means no one wants to hire me, & my unwillingness to tolerate corruption & unethical behavior rules out other options.

I'm not really a game designer anymore either. It moved on without me, & because during the height of 2020 Pandemic I was struggling & couldn't communicate well, so work stopped.

The Howling Passages (named for the atonal howl of the winds blowing through these caves) have been used on-and-off by smugglers for years.

Someone else built the understructures, and there are no hints remaining today as to their purpose or builders.

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is interesting, so much to learn. Twice the exact same model for my and games, just different settings. It's really fiddly to find good values. But I wager once that's done it's going to be so much fun to print things. Now to learn how to best post process this PLA.

🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here:

I got my printer all set up, leveled and did some test prints. This stuff is addictive! So much fun.

: X1 The Isle of Dread—An unboxing of the first scenario published for use with Expert Dungeons & Dragons by TSR, Inc. in 1980.

While I wanted to get a Prusa MINI+, for safety reasons because of the kid I decided to get an enclosed one instead. Since the budget is still a maximum of 500€ the choice became the QIDI I-Mate S. It should allow me to test a wide variety of materials. Got an optional PEI plate because I found that’s very popular and seems best for adhesion and release. Will be here at the weekend. Curious how long it will take me to get a print going!

@AudreyWinter I made my first unboxing video with them. I hope the mic is able to pick up my voice with the strange dialect.

Pondering dice resolution systems. One system I really like uses d6 dice pools where I have to match dice faces together. Say I roll 5 dice and get 2,2,3,3,4. I would have 2 matches or "successes". Bigger matches, bigger types of successes. Broken Compass uses this but I was wondering if anyone knows other systems, maybe with an open license, who do similar things?

Modern readers hearing about Forge critiques often don't seem to realize that at least some of the writers were strongly focused on Vampire 1st Edition, where:

The introduction says the object of play is to collaboratively create a story about humanity and monstrosity.

The rules tell you that characters are functionally superheroes with fangs.

The Storyteller is urged to use devices like foreshadowing in a way that assumes a railroad (not collaborative).

...It's mostly NOT about D&D.

So, earlier this evening, my 4 y/o son and I were in our back yard when he happened upon a large mushroom. I cautioned him not to touch it, but he did get down at eye level and said hello to it. Definitely my kid.

Using this to pass on to new friends here another free of mine... SHROOM GOONS. Tiny myconids on big adventures!

For people with visual impairments: what's the best way to write alt text for an image that contains a ton of information?

Specifically, I'm doing accessibility for D&D book that includes a dungeon map. The spatial relationships between rooms are vital information, but the alt text I wrote for this map is like 5 pages long, and I feel like that's too long to be helpful?

Boosts welcome on this toot.

Yochai Gal is one of the very best people I know making games and considering others and their experiences playing. He is the author of Cairn, a game inspired by Into the Odd and Knave, and it’s absolutely brilliant. This is about the NSR; a movement away from “OSR”, a label I have come to loathe personally. I hate labels in general, but the principles outlined at the link below fit well with my gaming preferences.

I think most quickstarts fall short as they seem to assume a certain level of competency from the GM and explain the rules as rules and not through playing the game.

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The biggest challenges in getting people to play other RPGs seems to be "I don't want to learn another game". I am curious why not more is done to solve this. The old Star Wars Introductory game had two solo adventures, one for players and one for GMs, that taught the basics of the game. Yesterday I came across this campaign for that is teaching the game while playing the game. Any of you know of other products that are explicitly written like this?

I try to avoid spam, but a friend of mine is currently running a Kickstarter to fund a DnD Adventure. He has a good track record of deliveries and is a good person too. If you are interested you can check it out here:

Preorder Pilgrims Of Misfortune from Highland Paranormal Society. A rules-light, d12-based analog adventure game!

I'm going to be using an OSR module with Troika. Does anyone has any advice on translating saving throws from something closer to B/X to Skill in troika?

For example, a monster reads, Save as Fighter 3. I have the Fighter 3 table, but how would you interpret those numbers for Troika?


A megadungeon bundle designed to be a Cortex Prime tutorial from one of the co-designers of the Smallville RPG and Leverage RPG (and one hell of a great person) Josh Roby.

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