Hello humans, My name is Marcus and like many others, I am checking out twitter alternatives. Not running yet but want to be better prepared than I was when G+ went. I write small RPGs as a hobby, love VTTs and just get into 3d printing. Always searching for my "one true game". Going to probably post about and Adventure Wargames with some appropriate 3d printing thrown in. More a trad than a story gamer tbh. Links in my profile.

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@chaosmeister Welcome, dude! Glad to have you over here! Love your small games.

@chaosmeister Welcome to the #Fediverse. If you are interested in finding a G+ alternative, instead of Twitter, have a look at #Friendica. It doesn’t have a maximum character limit and you can group your contacts, similar to circles. Nonetheless, Mastodon is a great choice 😄

@glowinglantern Thanks! Right now all my peeps are on Facebook sadly. Twitter is optional for me so this seems a good first step 🙂

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