Pondering dice resolution systems. One system I really like uses d6 dice pools where I have to match dice faces together. Say I roll 5 dice and get 2,2,3,3,4. I would have 2 matches or "successes". Bigger matches, bigger types of successes. Broken Compass uses this but I was wondering if anyone knows other systems, maybe with an open license, who do similar things?

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@chaosmeister Two come to mind. One-Roll Engine (as seen in Godlike and many others). And also The Whispering Vault.

@Sandra @chaosmeister VSCA's Hollowpoint uses an ORE-adjacent d6 pool system where you look for matches as well.

I personally find multiple-axis dice results pretty fun. You've got the number of matches and the die value, plus potential for multiple sets.

@admiralducksauce @Sandra yes, it's great fun. Add a gambling mechanic where you can reroll non matched dice at the risk of loosing an already rolled success... That gets your adrenaline pumping. If it works out, better then a nat20 😀

@chaosmeister 7th Sea 2nd edition counts "rises" in a dice pool roll, where a rise is any number of dice summing up to 10.

@chaosmeister my favorite is the CORE system that does a d6 pool where only the highest roll matters. It keeps things fast because you only need to find 1 number, and keeps the math and counting to a minimum (which I find is usually the issue I have with pool systems).

Not that I don't enjoy math. I just like my mechanics as fast as possible to get back to the narrative.

@chaosmeister interesting, I've never heard of FU but they do have similarities. CORE builds its pool from ability scores (3 Might, roll 3d6), but it also works off of a Yes/No And/But resolution. It doesn't come to the resolution the same way as FU, but it's still a cool coincidence!

@KiloGex Yea, there are many ways to do it. I really dig the FU method for quick hacking games, it's so easy to adapt. One of my players commented "It fixes Fate" and I tend to agree, it did for us.

@chaosmeister definitely going to look into this. Thanks for the info!

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