is interesting, so much to learn. Twice the exact same model for my and games, just different settings. It's really fiddly to find good values. But I wager once that's done it's going to be so much fun to print things. Now to learn how to best post process this PLA.

I got my printer all set up, leveled and did some test prints. This stuff is addictive! So much fun.

While I wanted to get a Prusa MINI+, for safety reasons because of the kid I decided to get an enclosed one instead. Since the budget is still a maximum of 500€ the choice became the QIDI I-Mate S. It should allow me to test a wide variety of materials. Got an optional PEI plate because I found that’s very popular and seems best for adhesion and release. Will be here at the weekend. Curious how long it will take me to get a print going!

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