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@thoughty there is nothing to be sorry for. It sucks that you struggle so much. Don't be too hard on yourself. You need a chance to heal. I hope things improve for you soon.

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I'm not well.

I basically had to give up my leadership career because post-concussion & disability means i can't really teach, adding in queer+transness means no one wants to hire me, & my unwillingness to tolerate corruption & unethical behavior rules out other options.

I'm not really a game designer anymore either. It moved on without me, & because during the height of 2020 Pandemic I was struggling & couldn't communicate well, so work stopped.

The Howling Passages (named for the atonal howl of the winds blowing through these caves) have been used on-and-off by smugglers for years.

Someone else built the understructures, and there are no hints remaining today as to their purpose or builders.


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is interesting, so much to learn. Twice the exact same model for my and games, just different settings. It's really fiddly to find good values. But I wager once that's done it's going to be so much fun to print things. Now to learn how to best post process this PLA.

@darkade this looks amazing. I have a friend that swears on google sheets. The roller will be fantastic for him.

🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here: bit.ly/3MfBnLK

@thopan thanks mate. Can't wait to print something bigger.

I got my printer all set up, leveled and did some test prints. This stuff is addictive! So much fun.

@thechaosgrenade @artikid Wait, there is a newsletter? NCO is a blast as is FU2 so I am all there for this. Sounds amazing.

@KiloGex Yea, there are many ways to do it. I really dig the FU method for quick hacking games, it's so easy to adapt. One of my players commented "It fixes Fate" and I tend to agree, it did for us.

: X1 The Isle of Dread—An unboxing of the first scenario published for use with Expert Dungeons & Dragons by TSR, Inc. in 1980.


While I wanted to get a Prusa MINI+, for safety reasons because of the kid I decided to get an enclosed one instead. Since the budget is still a maximum of 500€ the choice became the QIDI I-Mate S. It should allow me to test a wide variety of materials. Got an optional PEI plate because I found that’s very popular and seems best for adhesion and release. Will be here at the weekend. Curious how long it will take me to get a print going!

@AudreyWinter I made my first unboxing video with them. I hope the mic is able to pick up my voice with the strange dialect. youtu.be/khZZ8R-bM-Y

@admiralducksauce @Sandra yes, it's great fun. Add a gambling mechanic where you can reroll non matched dice at the risk of loosing an already rolled success... That gets your adrenaline pumping. If it works out, better then a nat20 😀

Pondering dice resolution systems. One system I really like uses d6 dice pools where I have to match dice faces together. Say I roll 5 dice and get 2,2,3,3,4. I would have 2 matches or "successes". Bigger matches, bigger types of successes. Broken Compass uses this but I was wondering if anyone knows other systems, maybe with an open license, who do similar things?

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