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Ended up having to cancel plans to game tonight due to parental exhaustion. To distract myself from feeling bummed out, I'm kicking around some loose setting/genre hacks for this little system I hacked together at the beginning of the year.

Enjoy a free game, Mastodon peeps.

Finally tried Five Parsecs From Home. I decided the city hexes were hills. We were hired by Lady Evren of the Ganymede Club to protect her while she hunted a Krorg. I actually took out the target early on, and foolishly kept fighting thinking that my K’Erin could take them with all the stun tokens I was putting on them. I was wrong, we should have fled after bagging our trophy. Poor Tyua died from her injuries, and we lost some gear.

It’s live! My brand new newsletter has officially launched! My thanks to David Coppoletti and @dysonlogos for their awesome contributions! Also to Joel Clapp for the idea of the Black Gate Navigstor!

Sign up for the newsletter here:

When you want to collect the full set of . From a d2 all the way up to a d30 in even steps.

So, yes, I'm sharing this to self promote a game I'm proud of. But it's also a good excuse to test how my website headers will look when I share stuff in the future 😁

Anyway -- Sigil & Shadow is my RPG toolkit for urban fantasy & occult horror.

Hello World! (Is that still what the cool peeps start with?)

I'm R.E. Davis aka "The ChaosGrenade". When my brain circuits aren't overloaded I like to write tabletop games, write about games, or pretend I still have the energy to someday run another game.

You can check my stuff out at

Let's see if Mastodon will be my new "scroll hole" or if I'll neglect it like my Steam library!

👉 Benutzt mehr Hashtags als auf Twitter!
Auf Twitter sorgt der Algorithmus dafür, dass Eure Posts mehr gesehen werden. Da genügen Likes und Kommentar.
So einen Algorithmus gibt es hier nicht. Euer Post rauscht durch die Timelines. Es sei denn jemand boostet.
Man kann hier aber Hashtags folgen. Darüber werden die Posts dann noch einmal thematisch gefunden. Ihr habt hier dafür auch mehr Platz für Hashtags am Ende.
#Mastodon #Twitter #Tipps #HowTo #Anfänger #Newbie

>>> Day 1351, 03:54

Nomad #647 logging in. I've just entered a new planet's orbit. I'm going to name this one Abori IV. So far, the atmosphere seems OK, but I'll need to land to collect more data.

Little Five Points

I'm running a Wraith the Oblivion game set in the classic Atlanta 1994 setting that the game was published with and a lot of play happens around the bohemian commercial district of Little Five Points.

This is my fictionalized version.

You probably all already subscribe to this newsletter, but if you don't I highly recommend "More Seats at the Table":

Their Patreon is also here:

Last chance to get some truly great #TTRPG books by #Slyflourish at the #BundleofHolding. Especially the "Return of the Lazy #DM" is a fantastic read for every #GM, regardless of your system. Best 6$ you'll ever spend. #Dnd #PF2e #Shadowrun #DSA

Is anyone else around here into ? It is a with persistent character progression and campaign play. Just starting to build for it as I have no or anymore, gave it all away years ago as I had no one to play against.

Tonight's project was updating the Commercial Maps Archive - now up to a mere FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE free commercially-licensed maps!

For anybody who runs across me for the first time here. I do make some products along with a little bit of over on DrivethruRPG. Here is a link to what I have up but it's been a while since I've made anything new. But I do have a few things in the works.

I got Mutant Year Zero for Christmas and did a three part review of it for my first series in the new year. Here's the link to part 1.

Something to consider when posting hashtags:

For people using screen readers, they know when to separate words either by spaces, or uppercase letters. 'mastoart' will try to be pronounced as one word, whereas 'MastoArt' will be pronounced as 'Masto Art'. It just makes life a little bit easier for those who rely on screen readers to interact with the fediverse :bear_hugs:

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