Hey, anyone out there? I’ve been off of Mastodon for awhile but thinking of getting back in to regular use here.

This week’s newsletter is a little late, and a little short, but the issue is out! Featuring amazing art by Yve Rahuel!


@chrismennell I really love the Stephen King idea of mashing up two elements. To me that defines creativity--combining two or more elements that you wouldn't readily combine otherwise. It's provocative, generative--a catalyst for imagination. Thx for sharing!

Had an idea yesterday for a solo rpg where you play a robot that is slowly degrading/breaking down/losing parts and you dwindle to nothing while trying to retain your simulation of humanity.

Sounded dark.

Woke up from a dream and instantly forgot the coolest name ever for elite cyborg citizens.

But from the description I wrote in the dream I grabbed two nicknames: “glam trash” and “pretty boys”.

As an alternative to starting with pencil or pen & ink #sketches I sometimes start straight in with paint, looking for happy accidents in form to pull out by refining definition or adding recognisable detail, creating sketchy #colour #thumbnails. Some of these make it to fully realised images, some don't. I occasionally begin in ludicrous hues as I'm not confident with colour, & so it pushes me to be more experimental, even if I do tone it down a little by the end.
#FantasyArt #TtRPG #DnD #art

@chrismennell @dysonlogos here are some others and their prompts so you can get an idea: all these are unedited straight out of their bot:

an armored knight and large wolf leap towards each other with a clash of metal, teeth, and lightning ⚡️ 🗡🌩

@chrismennell the fanged beast sizes up the knight and the carnage of their last battle

@chrismennell **The Warlord of Chaos yells a mighty war cry as fires rage and drums beat**

@chrismennell been messing with an ai image generator all day and here are some fun prompts from this:

**The Brute standing powerfully in front of the murder gate**

@chrismennell There's the reproductive bundle over on itch which has a bunch of stuff for $5, not sure if that's in your wheelhouse, but maybe take a glance?


It's not quite my thing, tbh - nothing really in there to tempt me (there's a few solo games, but they're very message-heavy and that's not my style)

@chrismennell The local lord has requested your presence, and that you bring a very particular item.

Sadly, that item's listing on the scroll has been smudged.

How will you find out what to bring?

The Brute
The Scarlet Robed
The Fallen Knight
The Blood-touched
The Warlord of Chaos
The Fanged Beast

These are the six souls bound to enter the dungeons of Murder Gate, to seek the Crown of Corruption and bend its foul will to their own.

At times they are allies…other times they are foes.

Only one can claim the crown…

Who dares to take up the helm of each avatar and enter…


(Original art by Billy Blue)

I want to write something, my hands are so itchy to just be kept moving. But I need a dash of inspiration. Give me a prompt; I’d like to see if I can run with it, if possible.

the english words for “north”, “south” “east” “west” actually come from the ancient nordic names for dwarves who were thought to live in those directions, and hold the sky up like pallbearers of the heavens.

Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri

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