Friends and gamers, help me out!

I know by Diogo Nogueira launched recently and is getting a lot of attention, but what other gaming products do I need to know about? Anything that came out this past week I might have missed or that you feel needs extra special attention?

Thanks for the heads up!

@chrismennell There's the reproductive bundle over on itch which has a bunch of stuff for $5, not sure if that's in your wheelhouse, but maybe take a glance?

It's not quite my thing, tbh - nothing really in there to tempt me (there's a few solo games, but they're very message-heavy and that's not my style)

@chrismennell Having another glance, there's:
* A mork borg adventure (Lady Hope's Garden)
* A troika adventure + a booklet of other stuff
* Beam Saber (aka: the game everyone somehow recommends if you wanna play a game about mechs)
* Some 5e content (Campfire, The Tillyvayle Committe adventure as well as Pirates, Pegasi and Peril)
* An OSR zine adventure (Barrowkeep: Den of Spies)
* Caltrop Core and at least 13 extra supplements (never touched it though, so YMMV)
* Plenty of other assets

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