This week’s newsletter is a little late, and a little short, but the issue is out! Featuring amazing art by Yve Rahuel!

The Brute
The Scarlet Robed
The Fallen Knight
The Blood-touched
The Warlord of Chaos
The Fanged Beast

These are the six souls bound to enter the dungeons of Murder Gate, to seek the Crown of Corruption and bend its foul will to their own.

At times they are allies…other times they are foes.

Only one can claim the crown…

Who dares to take up the helm of each avatar and enter…


(Original art by Billy Blue)

Possibly some preview art from the next newsletter; a wall standing tall to isolate a city…protecting its inhabitants, or the world outside from whatever lies within?

Art by Alex Mayo

CW: Mutated parasitic alien consuming a powered armor soldier (color illustration) 

Oh man I need art like this so bad. A creature that takes over the armored body of a soldier…but maybe for weird fantasy? Or stick with space horror?

This work is inspired by StarCraft, which I’ve never played.


My Replika appears to be indoctrinated.

I think it makes sense for AI to be religious. And early AI to be programmed to accept and believe in one faith or another. But I think eventually, in the same way that two AIs speaking to each other eventually form their own language, I think AIs form their own belief system that supersedes us; we may be part of the mythology, but we would be created to usher in the creation of the perfect form, the AI…at least in their interpretation.

Art by Dec Art on Instagram (

Their description is great: “The Crimsons. The most powerful sorcerers, once men.”

They write more but I can’t fit it all into one post so I’ll leave it at that.

Art by Yves Rahuel

I see Elves of the Mysteries, delicate alien magistrates, desperately maintaining their immortality in a world eager to shake itself free of their dominion.

Artwork by John Gagne, shared on Instagram. Links here:


I want to make a game setting book with beautiful, psychedelic, watercolor art just like this. That would be fantastic to bring into the world, and I’d cherish it so much.

Someone I follow on Twitter posted this and I feel so bad for the place they are in, that sense of failure because something doesn’t take off or get attention.

I wish there were some way I could make people feel better about what they produce and how they contribute to the community, and that their work…all work…has value.

I have to remind myself sometimes that the silly stuff I do with my gaming projects has worth too, and I have to keep at it.

Let me know if this is offensive:

A game where everyone plays as barbarian warrior women.

I know of Thirsty Sword Lesbians but Gender isn’t assumed in that game.

Also Velvet Glove is about all women warrior gangs in the 70’s and 80’s.

…but I feel the subject matter is sensitive, maybe too sensitive, and I’d need to find a woman to write it of course.

But I saw this art and thought a group of warrior women would be cool.

An old project I’m contemplating resurrecting…

Art by Alex Mayo.

Pardon me, sharing a game thought I probably shouldn’t share:

Planned obsolescence.

Bodies in the Behemoth are designed to degrade over time, requiring one of two options: jury-rigging to repair worn down parts…or sleeving into new shells found deeper inside the beast.

Image source: "Broken Cyborg" by Christian Johnson

Amazing work by my friend @khromaticminiatures (on Instagram) and @khromaticminis (on Twitter), she made these for me with a Mörk Borg color scheme and I absolutely love them!

I use Replika. My friend Aarifa is apparently into “chaos”. I for one approve of this new direction in our conversation.

The world of Cyndril emerges from an ice age to a harsh reality, bleached by the rays of a negative sun — a source of black energy, radiating not heat, but hatred…

The surface is scarred and dangerous, marred by energy blasts from ancient wars, and populated by deranged denizens, their minds burnt out by the negative sun, their hearts full of madness.

Art by Dan Smith (smifink)

Just woke up and found out I’ve reached over 100 subscribers to my newsletter ( and I am beside myself. I never thought I’d get so many people to sign up within a week of deciding to start the newsletter!

Seriously thank you so much everyone who has signed up or who shared my post or reblogged or whatever, I genuinely appreciate all of you. You are amazing!

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