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I LOVE this so much! Art by D.L. Johnson

This is for my game setting Cyndril.

These are the Khurgs, a species of shallow water dwellers, living in dank, dark spaces under the surface of the planet.

Thinking about adding these to next week’s newsletter!

A few people suggested I write 5-room dungeons for the newsletter and now I’m PANICKING because I don’t write dungeons. I run them. Completely off the cuff. I never read dungeons and I don’t know how to start writing one. Help?

Map by @dysonlogos

Hello, friends and family, just signed up. Hopefully I’m doing this right. I’m Chris if you don’t know me already that’s okay. I like tabletop roleplaying games and I like coming up with weird ideas for RPGs. I’m launching a free newsletter next week, you can sign up here: Each newsletter will feature original art you can reuse in your own commercial and non-commercial projects! Artwork below is by Emiel Boven, who rocks!

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