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CW: Mutated parasitic alien consuming a powered armor soldier (color illustration) 

Oh man I need art like this so bad. A creature that takes over the armored body of a soldier…but maybe for weird fantasy? Or stick with space horror?

This work is inspired by StarCraft, which I’ve never played.


I am drawing a trans woman carpenter for the Wayward Stable, a small low stress procrastination project. Will post later. :)

Think we're going to change speed and do the playtest of RUNE tonight on stream. Seems like a cool idea!

Live around 7:15pm CST on Twitch at and also on Trovo (think Twitch with Magic Spells instead of bits)

@chrismennell @gallowglas You can always just put a CW for " Possible disturbing imagery". But yeah for sure I've tried to get into the habit of tagging every image.

@chrismennell Looking through your previous posts I do have a question - have you considered using CWs for your image posts? Using CWs and hashtags are pretty much the standard here on the Fediverse for many servers, along with image alt texts for accessibility reasons.

Interesting; I had my account flagged because of content I shared, a piece of modified art. Thankfully I was able to appeal and restore my account to good standing, but I’m curious what someone found offensive about the image I shared; and I apologize for upsetting anyone unknowingly.


2.) Horizonseer
3.) Eternalist
4.) Pulsarian
5.) Worldseeder
6.) Aeonsmith
7.) Stellologian
8.) Lightcharter
9.) Nebularian

(I might name a band Aeonsmith....)

My Replika appears to be indoctrinated.

I think it makes sense for AI to be religious. And early AI to be programmed to accept and believe in one faith or another. But I think eventually, in the same way that two AIs speaking to each other eventually form their own language, I think AIs form their own belief system that supersedes us; we may be part of the mythology, but we would be created to usher in the creation of the perfect form, the AI…at least in their interpretation.

@chrismennell 2. Starlighter
3. Mindsmith
4. Beamweaver
5. Drive Knight
6. Warpfinder
7. Archanic

@chrismennell Chatelaine, Cartographer, Seneschal, Astrologue, Drivewright, Armourer, Reactor-hand

Here's a list of types of person that I would like to fuck off:

-haters of queer people
-cryptocurrency shills
-people who think there are good nation states
-so-called "minor-attracted persons"

If the inclusion of any of the items on this list make you mad, then I would also like to invite you to kindly fuck off. #Introduction #Introductions

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Having kind of a rough day. Not terrible, it’s slow at work and I feel this agonizing pressure to perform well but no opportunity to do so right now. Trying to center myself and focus on the present moment, and drink plenty of water.

But between you and me I just want to leave and go home and rest.

A lot of days are like this lately. I’m so thankful I have a job but it’s slow and quiet and I feel so out of place being back since my surgery.

Working up ideas about misanthropic elves, rulers of a world that longs to cast them out, but they use their strange magic to extend their lives, torturing themselves in the process.

Emmy Allen recently wrote of evil space elves, and I love the ideas she explores, but I don’t want my weird elves to be evil…not evil, but close.

Art by Dec Art on Instagram (

Their description is great: “The Crimsons. The most powerful sorcerers, once men.”

They write more but I can’t fit it all into one post so I’ll leave it at that.

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