I know that people have it worse, but the reason that I hate renting reared its ugly head again.

Had a roof leak (that we'd told them about) cause a collapse in the ceiling (that we'd already told them had damage) that caused a degradation in air quality. We asked them to test for mold.

Their response was that it was 'financially the best thing' for them to give us 60 days to vacate and that we'd be receiving a letter to that effect.

... and this is renting from friends.

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Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious

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I wrote a book!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

If you love D&D and traditional fantasy with a twist, you might well enjoy BOOKS & BONE!

-scholars and libraries!
-black magic!
-zombie friends!
-evil necromancers but ... friendly?
-ace romance!

Follow Ree, necromancer town archivist, as she attempts to keep her family and neighbours from killing a foppish, arrogant, and amiable historian from the world beyond the crypt.

Sample and buy links: victoriacorva.xyz/books/books-

(I'm an indie author and I'd really appreciate your support!)

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When you opt for a walled garden expect it to obscure the view:


(I give money to the FSF. Preaching to me about the folly of walled gardens is not needed. My soul is saved, thank you.


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Free accessibility tips from my wife, a professional UX designer who does a lot of accessibility work:

1. Keep your image descriptions short, simple, and descriptive. Try to limit it to a single tweet-length.

2. Don’t do both alt-text AND a visible image description. This will result in screenreaders reading your caption twice.

3. Use camel case in your hashtags.

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Judging a demonstration by its most violent participants but not judging a police force by its most violent cops is the language of the oppressor.

Source: social.weho.st/@anarcat/104353

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Now here's the most important link in this newsletter.


Share, join, participate. Let us know what game stuff you've been up to.

Thanks and stay in touch,
Hairy Larry

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100% handwired split keyboard with no plate, no PCB, no case. Held together by the carefully bent and soldered wires.

album at: imgur.com/gallery/931GqX6
build log and previous boards: imgur.com/gallery/RiGN51b

And sorry for any fuck ups on the content warnings. I don't post much. I don't have much to say normally.

But now...

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"The submission deadline for the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest is July 1st, 2400 UTC" – dungeoncontest.com/

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CryptPad usage in the US has more than doubled last week. Last year it was used to share information to protesters in Hong Kong. I didn't imagine it would also happen in the United States ! Stay safe ! Fight for justice ! #cryptpad #privacy

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If you're wanting to support Black film, you can start by watching "Rebelle", a short doc on a Black sex worker and activist.

No we don't get money from the views, but you can support our work by subscribing to my content or becoming a Patron of Rebelle and support Heaux History Project. An archival/docu project on Black sexworkers.



Buy the bundle, get good games, support the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund

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a gofundme for the medical bills of a woman that was hit by the car of a counter protestor yesterday 6/3 in colorado springs.


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