Has anyone ever seen RPG social rules that do a good job of modeling two characters trying to work out a disagreement but failing? It's not social combat. My suspicion is that some PBTA game might come close.

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TFW I'm about to post something that might generate conversation and I realize I have a meeting in 15 minutes so maybe tomorrow

Games edition!

1. Get SCRPG to the finish line
2. Write an Evil Hat thing I can't talk about yet
3. Run SCRPG and high level 5e games for my home groups
4. Play more Dice Throne

@meguey and I are following Avery Alder's lead:

"I've been thinking about accessible pricing a lot lately, and so: All my games are now offered with a 30% discount for folks living in poverty or facing marginalized access in the community. Just use the discount code AFFORDABLE if you need it."

So if it'll help take the pressure off, Meg and I are offering the same discount, same coupon code AFFORDABLE, at payhip.com/NightSkyGames & payhip.com/lumpleygames


DMs: please make a habit out of congratulating your players for good rp. I just did a scene where my character discussed her (strained) relationship with her daughter and my DM was blown away by its emotional depth. Now I'm excited to have another scene and give it my all. It makes a difference

@clarkvalentine Actually, we're going to be hacking it.

Group work to make a game because part of the goal of the artist in residency program is making stuff.

I figured FAE was probably the quickest route into that. I'll keep you posted!

Follow up! Thanks to @pksullivan I discovered Team Covenant and placed an order. Thanks everyone!

Good morning Mastodors! Any FFG X-Wing players out there? Is there a reliable source for acrylic movement templates and range rulers?

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@clarkvalentine Caroline and I brought Kokoro and a couple of new games from PAX Unplugged with us. We'll be busting them out later, but here's a teaser for now! dice.camp/media/gHXrlOIXzoiW2L

A few weeks ago, I asked my group what they want to play when we wrap up our current game. I wanted to do some great house intrigue stuff in PBTA. They all said "High level D&D. Let's throw around serious magic." Sigh.

Now, though? Now I'm excited about it. There'll be nuance to all of it, of course, because that's how we roll, but I'm looking forward to it.

If you're in the US and play a game this weekend, post a pic with the tag !

Heck, do it if you're not in the US. I just like pics of games and people playing them.

I there the equivalent of a nom de plume for game writers?

Going to try to use CWs to shorten posts. Still figuring out best practices here.

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