I work from home, and several times every day this doof comes up beside my chair, stretches up, and taps my elbow with her paw. As soon as I acknowledge her she bounds over to a nearby chair to await 30 seconds of head scritches. She has me well trained.

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games like stardew valley and animal crossing are popular with millennials because they let you experience post-industrial fantasies like "having a non-adversarial relationship with your neighbors" and "knowing where your food comes from" and "walking to the store".

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I would prefer not to live in an authoritarian theocracy, thank you


I suppose calling the hypocrisy of the US right isn't really all that helpful, is it?

That's too bad, because _damn_.

... con't

I don't really have much of a point here, I guess. I've just been seeing the ugliness and the violent fantasies some folks are voicing, many of them well positioned to inflict violence, and... I worry too, less about myself and a lot about many folks I love. And some random kid from Ohio. 6/6

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... con't

We expressed our sympathy and our well wishes for their good luck and left.

I think about that kid a lot. I hope they're doing well.

I've told this story before and been told they were being dramatic, that I should have reassured them, etc.

Current events is telling me, though, that they were right to be worried. 5/?

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I can understand, an extremely normcore looking middle aged white couple with two kids in tow? Yeah, I'd have assumed the same thing. I replied "Oh god, I'm so sorry," without even thinking, and my facial expression must have sold it, because their guard shifted a bit.

They told me they were worried because there's a thousand MAGA people surrounding them; they gestured at themself "I'm pretty obviously queer, and I'm pretty sure most of them hate me." 4/?

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That's when we noticed that the unusual crowd was mostly older couples and families with kids, overwhelmingly white, many wearing red caps. Yeah, those caps. Wut.

While the person at the donut booth was boxing our order we asked them what the hell is going on, what did we walk into? "Uh... There's a Trump rally at the convention center today?" They clearly thought that's why we were in town. 3/?

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... con't

The North Market was packed with people, which seemed odd for first thing in the morning. The donut place at the NM (I don't remember its name) was staffed by a young person sporting a very gender-nonconforming look. IME this isn't terribly unusual in downtown Columbus, there seems to be (or there was at the time) a thriving queer community there, one of the reasons I like the town to be honest.

That morning, this kid was visibly terrified. 2/?

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Story time

In July of 2016, when presidential campaigns were in full swing, my family and I drove from Pennsylvania to Indiana for Gen Con. We could easily do it in one go but we decided to break up the trip and overnight in Columbus OH. Early dinner at the North Market, an evening of playing games we'd packed, it was lovely. In the morning we woke up and walked over to the North Market to get donuts before we left town. 1/?

Dear universe, this is a joke, please do not impose job hunting on me right now

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"The enclosed resume contains 15 truths and 1 lie - can YOU find it?"

- My cover letter, next time I'm job hunting

I will write my next using Asciidoc, but I'll probably still compose it in Scrivener.

Every once in a while I google the title of my TTRPG to see if anyone is playing it or talking about it. Today I did that and got a bunch of results for a scam product using a similar name (Health through the power of tachyon energy! or some such nonsense). FFS.

So we’re going to try it tonight, and I’m going to take the “if I screw this up I’m wasting everyone’s night” bullshit and put it away for one damn evening.

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Every time the voice in my head that tells me my friends only play in my TTRPG to humor me gets too loud, I remind myself that the player I’m most worried rolls her eyes at the whole concept is the one who has been campaigning loudest to restart in person gaming.

On one level it also reminds me of the not-so-great dynamic around film/tv production's "the talent" jargon referring exclusively to performers, but on another it's good that people are taking contracts for that sort of performance seriously.

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Seeing more and more, people talking about freelancing, and folks assuming they're talking about being an on screen performer on a for-profit live stream, rather than a writer, designer, artist, editor. Things are changing.

I wonder how many kickstarter rewards I've failed to download because I receive the notification about it when I'm on my work computer during the day, and by the time I get on my personal machine at night the email has been marked as "read" and I've forgotten about it?

I've heard hope described as the most sinister of Pandora's curses, but I still have some that Metatopia will be possible.

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