Good morning Mastodors! Any FFG X-Wing players out there? Is there a reliable source for acrylic movement templates and range rulers?

Follow up! Thanks to @pksullivan I discovered Team Covenant and placed an order. Thanks everyone!


@pksullivan I'm really surprised FFG doesn't offer them, honestly.

@clarkvalentine they do. As major tournament prizes. Earning a set of acrylic templates is SUPER hard and worthy of respect.

@pksullivan As an aside, I learned that one of the people my son flew against Sunday (the only one who beat him) is ranked top 30 nationally? So, that's kinda cool.

@clarkvalentine sounds like he’s holding his own if that’s the only one to beat him.

@pksullivan He'd tell you the dice were falling in his favor Sunday, but he's a solid player.

@clarkvalentine it’s to his credit that he’s humble in his approach rather than whining about dice going the wrong way

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