@jmstar i will definitely take a look! I don't need a system right now, it's just a thing I keep coming back to when I think about games - real social interaction is rarely two people bashing each other in the feelings until one falls down, but that's so often how social systems work in RPGs.

@Bad_Quail That still feels a bit too much like social combat. My character doesn't want to steam roll over the other person, I genuinely want to work this out - but I don't know if we can! etc.

@jburneko I mean, imagine two people in a romantic relationship that's having a tough time. They both want to try to patch things up, but can they work through the very real problems? We don't know! Can the system help us determine that?

Has anyone ever seen RPG social rules that do a good job of modeling two characters trying to work out a disagreement but failing? It's not social combat. My suspicion is that some PBTA game might come close.

@denaghdesign Yeah, the mechanics of replies to my post (and replies to those replies) are interesting. The CW feature is great and I hope its development evolves to better support how it's being used.

Running some mid-level D&D, curious for others' ideas. Show more

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Running some mid-level D&D, curious for others' ideas. Show more

@scorcha Nothing huge, just talking about a campaign I'm about to start and looking for ideas.

TFW I'm about to post something that might generate conversation and I realize I have a meeting in 15 minutes so maybe tomorrow

@a_breakin_glass Sentinels Comics. The RPG of Sentinels of the Multiverse, basically.

Games edition!

1. Get SCRPG to the finish line
2. Write an Evil Hat thing I can't talk about yet
3. Run SCRPG and high level 5e games for my home groups
4. Play more Dice Throne

@lumpley @meguey That's outstanding! Thank you both, and also to Avery.

@meguey and I are following Avery Alder's lead:

"I've been thinking about accessible pricing a lot lately, and so: All my games are now offered with a 30% discount for folks living in poverty or facing marginalized access in the community. Just use the discount code AFFORDABLE if you need it."

So if it'll help take the pressure off, Meg and I are offering the same discount, same coupon code AFFORDABLE, at payhip.com/NightSkyGames & payhip.com/lumpleygames


@denaghdesign It was 10 here this morning (central PA). But it's supposed to be 40 tomorrow.

I prefer cold to wild fluctuations, honestly.

@scymrian Forgotten Realms 3.0, from 2003-ish. So, so beautiful.

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