A question that maybe someone here can answer:

Given there are only three training missions, and each mission normally provokes a single Wayfind and a single Attack Run roll, is it not extremely hard for all the PC airwomen in the group to get the two successes (one of each roll) required to pass training? A group of three PCs would get only one shot at each!

Yet the FAQ says it's "vanishingly unlikely" you'll fail to get them: bullypulpitgames.com/games/nig

What am I missing?

I got an answer from Bully Pulpit, for anyone interested.

Essentially, although a mission only *requires* a single Wayfind and a single Attack Run roll, it is permissible to make extras. While this is usually too risky to do on a live mission, it is a good idea in training.

(This still seems dangerous to me; the consequences of failure are just as bad mechanically in training as they are on a live mission, AFAICT, so there's still a strong incentive not to roll. But maybe that's the point!)


(I'll also mention here that I'm super impressed that Jason took the time to respond to me, and very promptly too.)

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