Oh cool yeah, the main projects I'm working on are:

Love Letters, a silly play-by-mail game where you try to work out if the other person is in Love with you but you're not allowed to actually talk about it. (Latest draft at )

CIC: Combat Information Centre, a possibly-PbtA game where you play the command crew of a military starship. Think BSG, primarily.

A wargame that I'm gonna enjoy more than Epic and Battletech while using the same models.

@clinkingdog I want to expand on CIC coz there are some things I'm doing with it that I think are quite interesting - but I don't have time right now :( If you're interested, remind me later!

@clinkingdog Love Letters sounds like a sibling to my letter writing game "I love you and I adore you"! Awesome!

@briecs Oh amazing! I didn't know about that one - I have to rush rn but putting a Fav on this to check it out later!

(Also thanks for the boost BTW! :D )

@catoutofbed Oh cool! :D Yes, definitely more details but I have to rush away rn. Will fav this to remind me, and come back later. (Hopefully not too much later.)

@johnharper Aw yay thanks! :) I have to go to bed now but I'm gonna post a bit more about it as soon as I have time / energy. (Hopefully not too long away!) I'll tag you.

I wanted to say a bit more about CIC, one of the games I'm working on.

You play the command crew of a military starship. It's inspired by Battlestar Galactica, plus some bits of Star Trek, Star Wars, Serenity, Mass Effect, etc.

I want to explore the tense relationships between complex people in a tough situation, where they may disagree but are fundamentally all pulling in the same direction (survival / fulfilling the mission). Also the effect of the military hierarchy on those relationships.

Mechanically, it's probably Powered by the Apocalypse - which means it shares a few features with Apocalypse World.

It'll have distinct crisis vs. calm phases, a bit like Night Witches (another great PbtA game).

Rather than picking a playbook which outlines your character, you'll compile one from building blocks printed on cards.

The GMing will be shared, and done *in character*, through reports made by you, the crew. This is my favourite bit, if I can make it work :)

Umm that's pretty much it, but any questions are welcome!

@johnharper I said I'd tag you about the above thread :) Let me know if the Mastodon interface doesn't show you the thread - I think it will but I'm still getting used to it!

@clinkingdog It worked! And yeah, this game sounds really cool.

@clinkingdog sounds interesting. Are the players flying the ship? Does that have its own moves or do they carry "ship moves" as part of their character?

@glenatron Each player has a separate set of responsibilities that only they own - which might include ship-related moves. So there could be a Helm Officer whose responsibility is to fly the ship, and they have moves accordingly.

At the moment there isn't one, though. I did have one originally but wasn't convinced that the flying was actually the interesting bit, so I took them out and assumed the flying was done off-screen by NPCs. They might go back in, though!

@clinkingdog It's an interesting area because it can get crunchy and boring easily, but maybe potentially fun too? The PCs should feel in control I think.

I quite like the ship stuff in Diaspora, planning to try running that in future to see how it plays out.

@glenatron Yeah. I've been looking at my notes since you made me think about this again - thanks!! - and I reckon it was the out-of-combat bits that are potentially a bit dull. Like, evasive maneuvers, emergency landings, that sort of stuff is perfect, but what do they do when the ship's just flying around normally? Anyway, I've put them back in for now, to test :)

I'm not familiar with Diaspora - I'll have to check it out!

@clinkingdog I think the starting point for Diaspora is "What if Traveller was Fate?" It's an interesting combination - one-dimensional space combat is pretty interesting.

@glenatron Cool! I'm only passingly familiar with either of those games :D but I would like to know them both better! Sounds like Diaspora gets both in one.

@clinkingdog I would absolutely love to see that GMing system if you can make it work. (Conflict of interest note: I'm also mulling over a GMless PbtA game based on Star Trek)

@lukehawksbee Cool! What bits of Star Trek do you want it to be like?

I know *bits* of the GMing system work - like "Commander! There's an enemy ship dead ahead - hasn't seen us yet" delivers threat and excitement in character. Whether I can make it work so that *all* the GMing is delivered that way... I don't know yet.

@clinkingdog Yeah I think the hardest thing to deliver in-character might be some of the aboard-ship dynamics of inter-crew interactions, etc. But I can definitely see it all working.

I'm trying to hack Dream Askew for a Voyager kind of vibe. Not very far along at the moment. I also had the idea of playbooks composed of multiple components (I've got 'personality' and 'assignment'). I hope there's not too much overlap in what we're doing!

@lukehawksbee Sounds cool! Even if there is some high-level overlap I expect the details will be very different :)

@KidarWolf Oh thank you! :D I hope it will be. It's got a lot of moving parts, though, I'm struggling to make them all fit together!

@BrentNewhall Cool! I've been working on it for literally years and it's been kindof on a backburner lately - but the interest here has been really inspiring me to pick it up again, so thank you :)

@Fatalthebaptist I barely remember Farscape so it hasn't been a conscious influence, but I bet bits of it have snuck in unconsciously :)

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