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Alright! The Rebellion won this time, unlike the two games we played in the last session where the Empire won both.

Tonight's win was mostly thanks to a well-timed assault on a poorly-defended Coruscant, allowing us to substantially increase our galactic support just in time to win.

It remains a great game, very pleasing both tactically and narratively :)

Going to play Star Wars Rebellion again tonight! I think this is only the second time I've played in well over a year.

Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game about shapeshifters in small towns, who seek balance between their beast & human identity & find community with other shifters and mundanes alike. We're funded but pursuing stretch goals! Check it out:

Ends November 30!

was good, but long. I am very tired. Looking forward to more, though, once I've figured out how to build the perfect, unbeatable team.

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We're just over $1k from funding! Please take a look at Turn, my slice-of-life supernatural game about shapeshifters in small towns, currently on Kickstarter!

Aaaaaa I just remembered about the Decemberists board game which I still haven't played!!!

My friend is organising a game for us and I haven't played and he's sent us the sample teams and the team-building rules to look through in advance and I don't know what any of the mechanical bits mean but nonetheless I am extremely excited ^__^

(I know all I post here atm is occasional Arkham Horror card game stuff. Honestly I'm not doing a lot of gaming at the moment! Hoping to try Gaslands soon, though, and run a Monsterhearts game in the new year. Maybe even get back to the games I'm writing, at some point!)

More of the Carcosa campaign in Arkham Horror card game today! I suspect things will get harder... :S Looking forward to it, though :)

@briecs I hung out with someone today who I hadn't met before and we chatted about games and they mentioned they were playtesting Turn! It was cool to have you come up in an offline context :)

Some games I might suggest:

Microscope, a really well-designed storytelling game that bins the assumption that players primarily play characters.

Dog Eat Dog, a powerful & brutal example of game-as-political-statement.

When the Dark is Gone, which completely overturns conventional patterns about how we decide "what happens" in a game (& has some v clever structural stuff that lets play be basically 100% in-character).

Monsterhearts - yes it was in the original list but srsly, play this game.

Wow this is a really good article - "A Beginner's Guide to Roleplaying Beyond D&D", by Avelene Perry:

Summarizes the limitations of D&D nicely (and respectfully!), and offers a few great suggestions for other games to try.

I'd like to see a game in that list that wasn't Apocalypse World or a derivative, but all three definitely are really good games - and I'd guess the similar-ish game structure makes them quite accessible to players used to more conventional setups.

Kicking off campaign #3 of Arkham Horror LCG tonight. Looking forward to it - this will be the first non-core campaign and the first one with fully-built decks. Wish us luck!

Spent a bunch of time last night rehearsing my Monsterhearts intro patter despite not having an imminent game of Monsterhearts, because (a) I am a dork but more importantly (b) I FUCKING LOVE Monsterhearts.

My friend asked what D&D class everyone was so I guess I know what I'm doing with my day off

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