JoJo's and RPG design are on the mind,, AGAIN,,,

I keep coming back to this idea, but maybe I should ask for some perspective: could JoJo's work in a PbTA system? What immediate adjustments would have to be made, if any?

@comeau Having no familiarity with JoJo, aside from the occasional gif, what are the elements of JoJo you want to replicate in your game?


@marcusn Hmm, that's? Hard to explain. JoJo's has, IMO, a nuance unlike a lot of shonen/seinen that serve as its peers.

I wanna replicate the "combat": investigating and unraveling the mystery of your opponent's Stand & abilities; and having to creatively use your situation + trickery to secure a victory, as opposed to "slapping them" until they die.

Oh, and the Stands. The whole, dynamic "personality superpower" that is kind of a controlled entity with it's own unique ability. That's major.

@comeau I don't think PtbA would be a good fit then without drastic modifications.

I'm assuming an evolving power set is another staple of JoJo. FATE might be a good fit since aspects could allow for some very flexible powers creation and advancement. Dresden Files would be my starting point to get an idea of how the system can be flexed.

@marcusn Evolving power sets CAN partially come into play, as fights are usually based around flexible abilities, but? Hmm. I'm not hugely familiar with FATE but I'll check it out.

@comeau @marcusn Maybe also look into legend of the elements rpg (i think thats the right name?). It's Pbta avatar the last airbender and its combat mechanic is all about tags. Maybe also look into tech/mechnoir, whose entire system revolves around adjective tags and spending points to make them permanent

@comeau the systems a bit complicated but the Friends at the Table podcast used mechnoir at the beginning of their second season if you want an actual play to listen to

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