Thanks all, for the reports! I continue to appreciate the community keeping things clean. :)

Searchers of Lost Souls is a one-page soulslike RPG built on Searchers of the Unknown, including some lightweight magic rules and simple mechanisms to emulate stamina and encumbrance in video games like Dark Souls and its ilk. (3/3)

Odd Luck Charms is a card-based game (in active development) inspired by The Lost Room and Warehouse 13, about the modern-day oddballs and obsessives who collect ordinary objects with extraordinary powers. Now includes a brief playtesting scenario. (2/3)

I've made a few edits to a couple of my older microgames and added them as pay-what-you-want downloads to my Itch page. (1/3)

It's interesting how I went from hating Fudge because of the dice to absolutely adoring the system (*).

Weird how overcoming something so small can have a huge impact on your life.

(This goes double for Fate, which is a system that I unreservedly love).

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πŸ“š I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with #Krita, #Inkscape and #Scribus on #Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS:

Hey y'all, John asked me some questions for the Kickstarter! We have a week left and $1kish to go - can you help us make this happen? You'll get some awesome art and game stuffffff! Please boost!

Be the content you want to see in the world.

(Also, hoping that folks come back)

Total respect to Evil Hat for being cautious about Kickstarter's recent union-busting efforts and their upcoming Kickstarter:

I hope RPG folks don't mind an in-world tour guide for the intro to a world because that's what's coming out of my fingers.

We flipped our creative roles on this one. The kiddo wrote me a script, and I did the art.

I know the way most folks design their RPG layouts is with InDesign but one of the goals with the Pepper&Carrot RPG is to keep it as open as possible. So I"m looking into LaTeX for Layout.

Lest you think me completely off my rocker, here's a RPG that uses LaTeX and has what I would consider professional layout:

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