Ah, apparently they changed it from "VIP online gamer" to just "Online" and refunded the difference. Mystery solved.

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Just got a refund for Origins Game Fair (online) with no explanation. Anyone have some insight on why that might be?

First edition is a gorgeous book.
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Hep Cats! I’m not attending and no one is currently running . Want to help me out? Run a game? If so, I’ll do a raffle with your name and event # for one of the last copies of 1st edition! Tag us in a post/pic of it and we’ll pick just after Gen Con!

There's a Bundle of Holding for Fate Core up with a bunch of Fate stuff for your gaming and reading pleasure:


When it comes to #ttrpg rules sets, what are your preferences regarding editions/revisions, and why? Also, how does availability of a translation to your native language affect your choice? Boosts welcome ;-)

Have to say, I'm impressed that I can spend ~$40 for a CD-ROM of all of the Classic Traveller PDFs (including the games released around that time) and make that happen. Combine this with the Cepheus Engine stuff (and Mongose Traveller, by extension) and it's no wonder that this world really took off. Even the Fair Use policy seems oddly liberal for a designer that got their start in the 1970s.

I think JoDee and I are going to play the Happy Days board game just to relive how bad tie-in board games from the 1970s can be.

"This new Yellow King RPG Bundle presents the surreal supernatural tabletop game from Pelgrane Press, The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. Designed by Robin D. Laws ...the brain-bending YKRPG uses the fast-playing "Quickshock" GUMSHOE system. Investigate the malign influence of Carcosa in mysteries of reality-changing horror across four different timelines inspired by the famous horror stories of Robert W. Chambers"

The Yellow King RPG Bundle:


We're recruiting for our runequest group again. Anyone who isn't a cis guy is welcome.

We play mondays at 6pm uk time, more rp focused, combat tends to be short and brutal. Join the rebellion against the empire of the wyrm! Shoot me a message for more info :D

Boosts always useful

Woke up to find someone bought one of my games that I'm working on.


I already got rid of most of my D20 stuff, but at this rate I think I'll go back in time and delete any of my affinity or memory of TSR, just to be safe.

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Can't wait for to mean "Terminate, Stay Resident" again, because at this rate the bumblefucks that are trying to relaunch TSR are lighting their wings on fire before take-off.

TFW you think "I'd like a role-playing game much like Xia: Legends of a Drift, but with more of a focus on trading" and then go through several iterations of reading wargames that _kinda_ have that in the background, until I stumbled on several rulesets (*) that had one thing in common:

They're all based on Traveller.

FFS, it's like things are hidden in plain sight.

(Cepheus, which is based on the Mongoose Traveller rules and is Open Content under the OGL, and Solo, which uses those rules).

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