Today's deal of the day is Fate of Cthulhu for $2.80 USD

The stars are right for Great Cthulhu’s return. It’s up to you to make them wrong again!

Still working on trying to unload some board games for folks in the USA.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping, so shipping ins't cheap, but I will combine shipping where I can.

Mention you're from the Fediverse, though, and I'll knock down shipping by 50%, because I think you all are swell.

Once more I have tried initiating a trade on BoardGame Geek and once more I am reminded why I have stopped doing this absurd practice.

I wish there was a way for folks to say "No, thank you" as opposed the usual blanking that occurs on this site when offering up a trade.

Seriously, this is part of the reason I'm pretty well done with picking up any new board games: they're almost impossible to get rid of 5 years on unless they're considered an evergreen classic.

If you're in the USA and are looking for some RPG books I have a few that I'm looking to sell:

Mention that you're from the Fediverse to get 50% off shipping.

If you're in the USA and are looking for some board games I have a few that I'm looking to sell:

Mention that you're from the Fediverse to get 50% off shipping.

Got the print version of Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall Kickstarter in the mail. Wow, this thing is gorgeous. Exceeded my expectations on every level.

You can pick up the diigital version (along with the PNP bundle) here:

I've come to the startling realization that I don't have the patience anymore for board games. Unless it's a ridiculously simple abstract game I am unlikely to sit down and try to learn the rules. We had this with Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea which should have been pretty simple to play but the number of phases and different things that could happen just blew our fuses. Problem is when we sit down to play a game we're usually mentally spent.

(Note: not a call for recommendations)

If you're in the USA and want to pick up some board games please check out my BGG Marketplace page:

If you say you're from the Fediverse I'll discount shipping by 50%.

(USA addresses only. I love folks outside of the USA but you can print these games cheaper than it costs to ship them to you)

My character didn't make it but JoDee's did. She got 36 credits and is eager to spend thrm on further adventures.

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Playing Micro RPG cooperatively with JoDee and trying to survive out first mission. So far it's looking a bit grim.

"Malaysia has experienced severe rainstorms and flash flooding since 17 December 2021, leaving many people stranded and vulnerable. As such, this bundle aims to raise funds for flood relief efforts in Malaysia due to these recent floods.

"Proceeds from this bundle will go to Mercy Malaysia's Flood Relief fund.

"This bundle collects several games from Malaysian tabletop game designers..."

(learn more at the following link)

I continue to be unimpressed with Cortex Prime's choices of licensing and their interactions with the community. Their latest license updates confirms why I would never touch this system for anything I cared about as a game designer:

Here are systems I would recommend instead:

Heard about Forged in the Dark but not sure where to start?

You're in luck:

Bundle of Holding "Forged in the Dark" collection

"I updated the file for this today with some graphics changes, some text changes, and so on, and it's planned to be in the Solo but Not Alone bundle upcoming this January-ish! Check it out!"

Beau does good work. Please check out his other goodies as well.

Playtested one of my games and boy howdy does it need some work. it's not a good sign when you want to blow up the thing you're roleplaying because you're already bored of it.

Includes Ironsworn and Delves, along with Impulse Drive and other books that are looking pretty interesting. Pretty interesting indeed.

(U Con is a gaming convention in Michigan that went online this year. Hoping to see folks in 2022)

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