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Craig Maloney ☕(🎲🏕️)

Talislanta: The Savage Land was released in PDF-form to Kickstarter Backers and now I'm fighting the urge to trace the lineage of the races in the book between The Savage Land time-period and the new age.

And for some reason it got me thinking of Glorantha again.

And now I'm wondering about comparative mythology from our own civilizations.


Happy February, everybody! I've posted monthly updates on my Patreon page, including:

Squire ($1/mo) and above gets news about current projects, including a new one-page RPG.

Bard ($5/mo) and above gets a sneak peek of Journey Away revisions.

Knight ($10/mo) gets the playtest version of my new one-page RPG.

Here's the link to my Posts page:

Don't forget to boost, thanks!

All hands on deck!

My dream calculator, the DM42, is finally available!

From now until I make enough to justify buying this gorgeous machine, you can get 25% off of my entire catalog at with the coupon code DM42.

Getting updates about Eclipse Phase 2e makes me warm inside.

@olde_fortran Wondering if there's plans to update this instance to 2.1.2 or are you busy with other stuff?

So what are everyone's gaming plans for 2018?

True Confessions:

I think I'm in the "wish them well" phase of my GURPS fandom.

I'm looking to do more with Open-Core RPG systems in 2018. This includes Fate Core, GUMSHOE, and Dungeon World (also Apocalypse World).

Whether that be play, create, or just read; I want to spend more time with these.

If you had to recommend one book for game design / development what would that book be?

Hey SE Michigan Folks:

Reminder that the second Tuesday of the month is fast approaching and we'll be having our regular Michigan!/usr/group meeting:

Kattni Rembor will be presenting about Circuit Python. "CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimentation and education on low-cost microcontrollers."

If you have any interest in Python, microcontrollers, or blinking lights you won't want to miss it!

#mug #meeting #python

It exists for real! "Let Me Take A Selfie," my collection of selfie games, is now live on DriveThruRPG!!!

So I've heard good things about the GMT games COIN series but have yet to actually play one.

I saw there is a new game in the series: Pendragon.

How heavy are the games when compared with games like Twilight Struggle or Space Empires 4X?

Pepper&Carrot: Episode 24 - The Unity Tree:

by @davidrevoy

Licensed under a Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 license.


Want to make a clean break from Twitter, but finding that Evil Hat hasn't updated their news on their site since Oct. 24th a little frustrating since it makes no mention of their new dice four packs. 😞

@olde_fortran Would you make a CNAME for to point to Reason I ask is I've spent the last hour trying to get my mail server to accept mail from and postfix is being a real bear because doesn't resolve to anything.