Three authors / game designers that I adore. Closest I've come to getting them to sign my book in person but it will have to do for now.

Signatures of Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman, and Robin D Laws; Cthulhu Confidential.

Looking for a tabletop RPG bundle about transhumanism written by anarchists and is available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license?

Look no further:

The major innovation in RPGs in the past 20 years is "make failure interesting."

Starting to have a crisis of faith on whether or not I want to keep my PbtA books now that Blades in the Dark seems to have pushed into that territory, and I never managed to really wrap my head around PbtA.

Thanks to @paulczege for pointing me in the direction of the Game Essays jam, for it uncovered this gem of an essay about hacking with Blades in the Dark:

Not just for folks who are converting Blades in the Dark.

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If Hasbro and WoTC want to guarantee that I never ever buy another D&D product (which I'm already highly unlikely to do) then selling to Penguin/Random House, Hatchette Group, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster or Macmillan ("The Big Five" publishers) would do the trick.

#fudge RPG folks:

If you are looking for Gatecrasher 2e (Fudge) in Print your time has come to trade the lovely and talented Michael W. Lucas your hard earned dollars for his remaining stock of books. This includes Gatecrasher 2e (Fudge) and the 1e version of Gatecrasher / Believe It or Else (non-Fudge).

Learn more at

Enter a timeline that's only slightly more messed up than our own, yet somehow better.

#faterpg folks, this could work for you too!

#ttrpg #fudgerpg

Mendicant Spell Vixens is a tabletop roleplaying game about foxes breaking into ancient dungeonesque henhouses in order to steal chicken.

It's built to take maybe ten minutes to learn or teach, but also to serve up a satisfying platter of challenge and crunch in oneshots or campaigns.

#ttrpg #rpg

Mindjammer Press has opened their new web store. All of their products are 50% off:

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I think I'm done with D20-based games. I don't find the system particularly engaging anymore, and I find the more interesting things are happening outside of that space.

The last d20-based system I've looked at is 13th Age, which I consider the pinnacle of what can be done with d20 systems. Despite that, I have no desire to run it.

(Note: this is not a plea for shilling your favorite d20 system or author. I've done more exploring than this toot lets on and frankly I'm done with the system)

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