Review of "A quarter century of UNIX" (4 stars): A dense book detailing the history of UNIX from its inception to the mid 1990s.

Professor Pinball's Castle is a pinball game created by @dbisdorf featuring several challenge events, end-of-ball bonus scores, and dot-matrix display. The game was made in Godot and is open-source. The code is at

Part of decluttering is turning things that aren't bringing you satisfaction or joy into things that do (or just letting them go altogether).

Transformed a stack of board games that weren't doing anything other than taking space into items that will bring me some more joy.

(The results of a trade from Noble Knight, who are an absolute pleasure to deal with.)

Instead of a kickstarter or whatever I'm doing simple presales through itch to fund the end-of-summer print run. So if you know you want a copy, it'd mean the world to me if you'd consider picking it up in advance. It really is one of the most ambitious things I've ever worked on and I think it is going to be something special, I cannot wait for it to be in the world.

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I don't know if I can upload videos but here's an attempt, a new set I made with a theme!

If it doesn't work, here's the tiktok link:

Every day I'm grateful that I have distanced myself from F20 gaming (read: D&D without the trademark)

Someone please talk me out of making a week-long game jam for "the worst possible game you can design in this moment".

Game idea: Snail of the century

A 100 space track where you only move forward if you roll a 2 on a d100.

First one over the finish line has way too much time on their hands.

"Collect sea shanties in this sailor themed tabletop roleplaying game"

Sure. you can collect treasure in most games, but what about sea shanties.

What's one thing in a game (any type) that you like that you'd like for others to know about that game?

Big shout-out to whomever has been entering BBC Music Magazine discs into MusicBrainz. Entering classical CDs is one of my least-favorite parts of MusicBrainz, so taking that hit for the rest of us is much appreciated.

Looks like Board Game Geek is going to require sellers in their GeekMarket to have Stripe. Means I'll be listing a bunch of board games up there before I'm stuck with trying to pawn them off in trades (which I'm loathe to do) or try to get them over for consignment at the FLGS. Neither of which is a particularly attractive option.

Ah well. This is yet another reason for me to stop with picking up board games: they have little resale value unless they are super-popular.

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