I think I've come to the realization that the one thing that I'm nostalgic about with Dungeons and Dragons is finding out about all of these creatures from mythology for the first time. That's it. (note: Not a request to fix this. I've done an admirable job of it, thank you.).

Any world-building that doesn't have at least three different calendars, and debates about the validity of each one is just lazy world-building.

I did not need to suddenly find that I like the HeroQuest system. Yet, here we are.

We can all get much better when we realize that life (and games) are not all zero-sum games.

Resource management? Sure. But not zero sum.

Me: I really can't get into Glorantha

Also me: (buys one more supplement for Glorantha).

What is wrong with me?

RPGGeek profile where "For Trade" is > 1 but "Want in Trade" is 0.

The Ashcan version of Survival of the Able is now available. Pick up a copy to help support this game getting made.


It uses the Fudge RPG rules for a survival game about folks with disabilities surviving The Black Death in 1347.

Learn more here: accessiblegames.biz/survival-i

Hope you'll check it out.

Hitting the "now what do I do with this" phase of RPG creation.

Looking for playing D&D-style games without playing D&D? Monsters and Magic with The Effect Engine might fit that bill:


Powerful words about a simple phrase that crept into game design discussions: "What is your game about" and the effects of rejecting other design paths: vsca.blog/2020/07/08/what-is-y

In the spirit of the current fuck-D&D mood in the world (which I wholly endorse), I wrote a little "intro to indie gaming if you're curious" primer on the blog. None of y'all are my target audience but if you have someone in your life that needs to be deprogrammed from the cult, send 'em my way.


I think I'm once again going to be purging my D&D stuff, even though it's from the TSR era, because frankly I'm getting tired of their current stewards

Sometimes i forget the beauty of Fate and how it can manage complex things like magic without getting too bogged down in modifiers.

You've seen me tweet how I think the Southeast Asian scene is a super interesting hothouse of design? And you bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on itch? Well, here's a list of SEA games you now own, so you can see for yourself:

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