Just took a look at the first list for U-Con and dammit if there aren't some fine folks that I would like to shake hands with and thank for their amazing work.

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Naturally I realized this after the online registration and during a period that would make it rather difficult to get out there

@craigmaloney Hey, I'll be at U-Con too. They've drawn some cool guests, haven't they?

@dbisdorf @craigmaloney Oh wow, that's awesome.

I think I need to make more of an effort to head out there.

@dbisdorf BTW: Are there panel discussions at U-Con? Their site / schedule is really confusing for someone who has only been to Penguicon and PyOhio / Ohio Linuxfest. I've never been to a gaming convention.

@craigmaloney Bigger gaming cons have more panels. Looks like UCon only has a few this year, listed under Special Events:

@dbisdorf Thank you. Still on the fence about heading out there, but man the temptations are strong. Especially since a lot of amazing authors will be there (yourself included).


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