I really miss G+. I felt like I had my finger on the pulse of RPG games. Now I feel like I'm barely even seeing the smoke from the campfires of other designers.

Like finding out that Hideous Creatures from Pelgrane Press is released and in the wild.

(Though it doesn't help that I've been stuffing the "View from the Pelgrane's Nest" RSS feeds into my read and review folder of doom / shame)

@craigmaloney I wonder if all those game design folks abandoned by G+ could be lured into the #fediverse? Which of the fed projects do you think has the most similar #UX?

@strypey Friendica and Diaspora seem to be the ones that they're finding. But it's not the platforms, it's the community. Lots of them moved back to Twitter because the community is there.

@craigmaloney so the question is, how to get enough of the community active in the fediverse that more of the community will start coming here, because the community is here. It's the classic #Catch22 problem caused by #NetworkEffect ;) Letting them know about cross-posters so they can post on the fediverse and still be heard on Titter might be one way to bootstrap.

@strypey @craigmaloney

We need Group support in the fediverse (which is slowly coming to some ActivityPub implementations).

@mayel federation with federated forum/ link-sharing projects like #Prismo, #Anancus, and #Lemmy requires group support, so I hope to see more AP apps supporting it soon. But I'm guessing the finalization of AP has given folks a *lot* of stuff to work on and we can't expect it to happen all at once (not without a lot more volunteers and funding anyway).

@mayel after all, we're still waiting for some of the older apps to roll out any AP support at all, #GNUsocial, #pumpIO, #MediaGoblin, #postActiv etc (assuming they're all still alive)

@nickwedig @craigmaloney have either of you had a chance to check out yet? It's new and I've only started poking around, but I think it has some really promising vibes, like early

@wombat @nickwedig Forums may work for some people, but frankly I don't find them at all sticky. I find them noisy and confusing and way too much on topic.

Put a different way: I find game designers more interesting when they're talking about their other interests. That never seems to happen in a forum, where everything is hyper concentrated and gets the feeling of RPG-adjacent small talk.

@wombat @craigmaloney I usually browse the Gauntlet Forums and sometimes comment. I feel like it's the online forum that currently seems to be having the most interesting conversations about the sorts of things I'm interested in.

But it's not a replacement for what was on G+. I still feel like it only captures a small corner of the gaming world, so I'm still missing out on a lot of activity occurring somewhere else.

@craigmaloney I miss it, too. The quality of my online conversations has really dipped since it shut down.

@JohnWSheldon Yeah. I mean, I love and Mastodon, but I dipped on over to Twitter and noticed a vast leap in the number of conversations over there. Makes me wonder if I should restart my account over there. (This is not something I want to do. 😁 )

@craigmaloney Yeah, I get marginally more responses on twitter, but the quality of those responses is still... not up to the standards of conversation I regularly had on G+. Deeply limited response lengths, limited curation/moderation abilities, and algorithmic shuffling make deep discussion much harder.

@JohnWSheldon @craigmaloney Yeah, I've noticed that too. I am not sure what the path forward is :(

@awinter @JohnWSheldon I'll o my best to persist here. I'm not about to cede my social experiences to companies quite yet. 😁

@craigmaloney I've found that my motivation to even check here has gone down significantly since migrating here from G+. Maybe it's because I had so many more people that I knew IRL, so I was -- no offense to anyone here -- more invested in keeping closer and more constant tabs on their lives. Even if most of them did most of their social-media-ing on FB, G+ was a solid contender.

Maybe I check out the Twitverse. I really don't want to swallow my principles and start up a FB account. Maybe I just languish here. Who knows.
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