@craigmaloney "Tiny Towns" has hit the table a lot. On my phone though, the To Arms!! app. In the browser, Dominion online.

@matt Very cool.

Star Realms has been pretty much the only thing I've been playing, and that's been on the phone.

@craigmaloney I carry the paper version with me in my backpack. The app version frustrated me a lot in Solitaire mode, with a mission that was unbeatable and blocked my access to any further content.

@matt I've only played online vs a handful of folks. I'm craigmaloney on there if there's any interest.

@craigmaloney By the way, if you like Star Realms, have you tried the To Arms!! app? I made a whole fan website about it. toarms.games/

@craigmaloney Just finished up a campaign of Swords Without Master in Space. That was really cool and wrapped up very nicely, with disparate plot threads uniting in the big conclusion, and some PC getting what they wanted, some getting bittersweet or terrible endings.

And I'm waiting for another letter from my correspondent in a 2 player epistolary RPG I wrote called "Wish You Were Here".

And trying to sort out the games I'm running for Origins convention in a couple weeks.

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