I've been re-reading through Fudge rules and I'm coming to realize that what I thought was a good system before is a great system. I like the way that it can scale rapidly from simulationist to rules-lite without really breaking any of its core rules.

It's also sparking my game designer brain. Love it when the neurons fire like that.

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@craigmaloney It really is my favorite go to system of choice. Doesnt get a lot of the love it deserves.

@craigmaloney Yeah, that old 1995 document by Steffan O’Sullivan is great. πŸ‘

@kensanata Even the additions folks have made are really interesting. It's like there's a fudamental core and everything neatly tacks on to that core (regardless of whether those rules are particularly neat themselves).

@craigmaloney I sometimes think back about Fudge when I look at Fate. Basically Fate without Fate Points... it would practically be Fudge!

@kensanata Oh it's not hard to see where Fate drew from. And even Fudge had Fudge Points. :)

@craigmaloney Noooo! I see now that you are right. They're right there, section 1.3, pages 8 and 9. I had forgotten all it.

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