I think I figured out what bugs me about Fantasy Age (FAGE). The first is that I'm not a fan of the "Roll + Modifiers >= difficulty" mechanic that was lifted from D20 (and True 20; let's be honest) but that I could replicate most of what is in there using Fudge.

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@craigmaloney To be fair, FAGE is a direct lineal descendant of True 20, within the same company.

@naga Oh I know, and what really bugs me is that True20 was OGL, whereas Fantasy AGE is not openly licensed. Green Ronin has gotten a lot less open over the years and it's irritating.

@naga Worse, I think I mentioned as much and was told that FAGE wasn't a True20 derivative. Which, sure, it's got some differences, but it's not hard to trace the DNA.

@naga Mentioned as much in some AMA or what-not to Green Ronin, that is.

@craigmaloney Thank you for the clarification--I was trying to figure out where that had happened in our conversation!

@craigmaloney And, yeah, it's pretty damned obvious.

I always wanted to play True 20, but never got the chance, so I was thrilled when FAGE came along.

@naga I really was excited about FAGE when I saw it in the Dragon Age RPG box (the first one). I'll admit though that I was hoping that the non-branded FAGE would have an open license. Not only hasn't that happened but they haven't really clarified who can do what with the system, so it's essentially up to Green Ronin to dedicate whatever resources they have to it.

@craigmaloney Which hasn't been enough, given that Companion was ~1.5yrs late.

@naga Right. I've seen what non-priority projects look like with True 20, and I'm getting that same vibe again.

@naga Which brings me back to the original thought: if I'm going ot invest time in a system it's going to be open and it might as well be one that I like. :)

@naga And since they keep saying "coming soon" for five years to any kind of comunity license it's safe to say this isn't a priority.

@craigmaloney Fair. Frankly, I far prefer a 3d6+mods mechanic to a d20+mods mechanic, all else being equal, so I'm good with the transition (which also necessarily takes it out of OGL, as I understand it).

@naga I don't think 3d6 takes it our of the OGL. See Sarah Newton's "Monsters and Magic" and the Effect Engine license for one rather neat way to make the rules OGL.

Abilities + Racial Modifiers = Abilities, Social Class = Gifts, Character Options = Skills. You could probably create a whole stunts system for the combat stunts if you so choose.

But the thing that bugs me the most? Fantasy AGE isn't openly licensed, so it's an evolutionary dead-end unless Green Ronin decides to do more with it.

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