Question: I have several sections in my RPG book for fiction and back-story for each of the magical schools in Hereva (Pepper&Carrot's world). I'm tempted to add the mechanics (aspects, stunts, etc.) in there, but I'm also tempted to put those in a separate section. Which do you think is better for the reader? I know I tend to gloss over fiction to get to the goodies, so I'm curious of your opinion.

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@craigmaloney I think it's fine to group the mechanics together with the fiction: in other words, the section for School A would have its story and flavor and then the rules at the very end, and so on for School B and C and so on. That's how the magic schools for 7th Sea Second Edition book were laid out, and I think it worked well there.

@dbisdorf That's where I was leaning, but glad to read there's a precedent for it in other books. 😁

@craigmaloney I'd use the fiction in snippets to illustrate the mechanics. A good Example explains much.

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