I think I'm once again going to be purging my D&D stuff, even though it's from the TSR era, because frankly I'm getting tired of their current stewards

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@craigmaloney i get that. over on twitter ive been blasting them left and right. i dont think i could get rid of my classic books though. Even though i dont really see myself ever running D&D again.

@Plusorminus @craigmaloney I'm honestly curious why you don't like the newer D&D versions. Is it more the ruleset or WotC themselves?

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney for me its both.

even though I've played at least one session of every edition (except 4th) and most of the clones, everything after 3e is pretty much a different game that i was never into.

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney Now with how they treated Orion Black and how they continue to do nothing about Mike Mearls, and also how they handled (or rather refused to) their toxic fanbase from attacking critics of the games language around race until it hit info wars and they gave lip service to fixing it. I just think folks need to move past them.

So long as D&D is at the center of the hobby they'll continue to behave this way.

@GlowingLantern @Plusorminus Exactly. I'm not above editing my nostalgia for something if it means I can bring on new and different voices and concepts and stop rewarding companies that bought their way into my childhood. Just because you own that thing that I liked doesn't mean I need to keep pledging fealty to you and your shareholders.

@Plusorminus @craigmaloney Wow, I actually didn't know that. Fantasy in general has a tendency to promote racial thinking. I noticed this in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, and I've also seen it in some novels. Humans are always depicted as diverse, while the other "races" only serve as a stereotype. I hoped it was just a cultural difference, just like the term "race" (for humans) is deeply offensive in Germany (it's a purely biological term that was misused by the Nazi ideology of "Rassenlehre").

@Plusorminus @craigmaloney I can completely understand if you don't want to support a company that treats their employees and critics like that.

@GlowingLantern @craigmaloney yeah but its not even so much that, in the DMG and PHB they parrot language used to justify racism when they describe non-humans.

One that comes to mind is a passage that says orcs could have an alignment other than evil if they are taken from their culture as children... also just the whole idea of an all evil sentient species is lazy and stinks of othering.

There are less lazy ways to create conflict without invoking the specter of the North American genocide.

@Plusorminus @craigmaloney That's exactly what I mean. It's "Rassenlehre", only with fictional races which "really are like that". WotC sort of justify this through religion, something along the lines of the evil god wouldn't allow them to be good. In the Wildemount setting they say that due to the gods losing power, those previously "evil" races have become normal. That's a weird justification, when your setting is fictional anyway.

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