We can all get much better when we realize that life (and games) are not all zero-sum games.

Resource management? Sure. But not zero sum.

@craigmaloney Some games are not zero-sum, but none of them are life and its limited resources. You can’t create matter or energy out of nothing. The only “free” energy we get is from the sun. Improvements in efficiency can decrease the cost of living, but beyond that, one person can’t gain more, without others gaining less.

I think the belief that life is not zero sum is what damns us to suffer, as we allow scammers to steal our lunch, rather than admit the truth.

@cy Shareing an idea does not deprive one of the idea. It means two people now have that idea. And giving love doesn't deprive someone else of that love. Perhaps suffering is being attached to the idea that gain means deprivation of another.

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