Re-introduction time:

Hi! I'm Craig Maloney. I've been reading RPGs since I discovered them, and read my cousin's D&D 1e Monster Manual with fascinated awe.

These days I'm into , , Phase, , , , , and more. I have a heavy bias toward Creative Commons and OGL systems and adore it when a company lets me play with their mechanics in my own designs.

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@craigmaloney hey, have you heard of Open D6? It's the old Star Wars mechanics on an open game license. You can down load the books for free and there are people building new settings for it. There is also mini-6, which is a rules lite version.

@ewankeep I have, thank you. I liked it for a bit but then realized that what a lot of folks enjoyed about it was the Star Wars games. I checked out Azamar and Westward and a slew of others but for some reason it didn't quite click for me. Thanks for the pointer though.

@craigmaloney how do you like the mechanics of Open D6? I'm thinking of using it as the mechanics for a game set in my novel world. From a game makers perspective it seems pretty flexible to setting, genre and mood. Do you like Fate/Fudge better for home cooked games? Or some other system? D20 seems pretty restrictive with the character classes (for my needs), but are there rules for a character skill point system like in Open D6?


What's the novel world like? Maybe that could help inform the system.

I'm a fan of Fudge and Fate for more narrative approaches to games. Open D6 has a lot more moving parts to it. I'm currently using Fate for modeling Pepper&Carrot and it's been nice for allowing things to be aspects of the characters rather than flat-out stats.

D20 is great for modeling D20-type universes. I'm not a fan of using it as some generic-style system because everything gets that D20 flavor to it.

@ewankeep That's not to say that OpenD6 is bad, but you'll be doing a lot more work to make it fit your world. I also didn't care for the advantages / disadvantages system. It felt tacked on and didn't mesh with the rest of the system. Maybe it works better in play (I haven't played any of these systems) but it just didn't feel integrated like I would like.

I wish I could find some folks to play GUMSHOE with. πŸ₯Ί

@ScottMortimer Are you aware of the Pelgrane Press Discord? There's a "Looking for Group" section on there that might help.

@ScottMortimer Also have you checked out GUMSHOE one2one? It's designed for one player, one GM. I'm hoping to run it for my wife at some point (assuming she would want to play it).

Thanks for the suggestions. I need to keep my D&D group under pressure to try something different. Maybe a Fear Itself one-off for Halloween.

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