Getting a little tired of every time that we sit down to play a board game I start struggling with the rules and trying to explain them.

It feels like I have to mentally prepare before we play games, and frankly I haven't put in the effort.

Why is it that every manual out there seems to prefer brevity and doesn't have something like "Your first turn" or an example that shows at least one of the corner cases that the rules might employ.

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If there has ever been a case for computerized gaming it's that at least most of them have a tutorial that will demonstrate some of the gameplay by example.

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@craigmaloney yeah I think this is one reason im not super into board game nights. Like. I don’t have that mental energy. Lemme play a video game or RPG

@craigmaloney @platypus Not at all. It's super annoying. And the super rare exception to this always has us really excited. 😁

@pilum @craigmaloney I have local friends who do this for fun on Friday nights (pre-plague) and I feel so guilty that I hardly ever go but the last thing I want to do on a Friday night is learn a whole new thing. And it IS a new game each week. Like maybe once you program your brain in a way that makes this easier to learn? Maybe that's a thing??? Like I'm good at learning sewing/quilt stuff...

@craigmaloney That’s the art of creating a good board game. The rules should be simple enough to understand at the table, or if they’re more complex make it obvious that one should read them beforehand. Good board games often have cheat sheets for every player, which explains how the turns work and what special abilities they can use (something that even RPGs often fail to do). If you’re struggling with rules while playing a board game, then it’s not a good board game πŸ˜‰.

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