If Hasbro and WoTC want to guarantee that I never ever buy another D&D product (which I'm already highly unlikely to do) then selling to Penguin/Random House, Hatchette Group, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster or Macmillan ("The Big Five" publishers) would do the trick.

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@craigmaloney Abrams (independent publisher) handles most of the Hasbro IPs. They might be in the running for something like what the author describes, if it ever got that far, but if it came to a bidding war between them and any of the Big 5 (4*), they're out.

@craigmaloney the most interesting thing about that article to me, is about the TSR bankruptcy. Shows an incredible lack of understanding of basic budgetary concern, and willful ignorance of the book industry payment model. Payment for book returns is impossibly stupid, but it's NOT hard to understand that the money you get paid isn't REALLY yours to spend until 6 months later when the returns come back.

@craigmaloney D&D's been held by evil people with no interest in RPGs since, what, Lorraine in 1985? No big deal now.

Penguin's bad but at least they publish a lot of genre fiction, so they might not drive it completely into the ground, just use it as a fiction brand and let the game stagnate or die at long last.

@mdhughes anyone who is part of a lawsuit against the Internet Archive is dead to me. Period. Full-stop.

@craigmaloney Same, but that's who owns all the books now. Even if they lose their lawsuit and don't destroy our civilization's history, they won't suffer any for it.

@mdhughes Much like Disney I'm not about to give them any of my money without some deep trickery. Let the rest of the world prop them up; I'll prop up other folks as I see fit.

@craigmaloney We're going down to Big Four, BTW. Penguin/Random House is buying Simon and Schuster.

*deep sigh*

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