@takeonrules Thanks for this. Putting my remaining print copies of Luke's games up for trade and removing the PDFs (such that they are) from my collection. Getting tired of this.

@craigmaloney I'm not yet there, but certainly see this as a possible path.

I'm taking inventory of my relationship to Burning Wheel. I love that game and how I've reshaped my gaming expectations and procedures through it.

It's deeply personal for each of us. My BW is not me carrying water for Luke. Just as my typing on this computer is not carrying water for the systems of oppression that brought me this laptop.

@craigmaloney and my intention is not to diminish nor scoff at your choice. Nor to absolve LC of his behavior.

I am with you on the "Getting tired of this."

I'm here for the hard work of making a better space for people to enjoy a hobby that has meant and continues to mean a lot to me.


@takeonrules It's a hard choice, and I don't envy you and the difficulty you face with this. Unfortunately I've gotten really good at this (especially with the OSR). I hope you never have to get skilled at this, but even mistakes give you experience points.

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@craigmaloney it's a great perspective. And I've been gnashing around the edges on this. Namely, if I'm going to invest time in it, I may need a strong stake in its ownership/governance.

Looking at games with SRDs and how those tools give an ability to pivot away from bad actors.

BW's lack of an SRD has long sat as a subtle warning; a liability. If you read my blog posts, that's definitely some between the lines writing.

This shit's quite a bit to unpack. None of it a surprise.

@takeonrules Yeah, that's been one rather nice litmus test for me (how open is the SRD, what stake can I have in this, etc.) which is why I bought into Burning Wheel and then later sold off Burning Wheel (several times in fact). Thinking of just sending my Mouse Guard copy to the Internet Archive so folks can review it and mine it for ideas like any other game. As it should be.

@takeonrules LMK if you want recommendations of liberally-licensed SRDs. I've found a few out there.

@craigmaloney a list of liberally licensed SRDs would be amazing.

I'd likely post them on my blog. That exercise would help me further disentangle "I run this game which makes it part of me." I'd imagine similar /feelings/ for those who have internalized Buffy and Angel narratives into their being.

@takeonrules I'll see if I can compile a more comprehensive list. Off the top of my head:

Fudge (fudgerpg.com) (OGL)
Fate (fate-srd.com/) (CC-BY)
Ironsworn RPG (ironswornrpg.com) (CC-BY)
Dramasystem (site.pelgranepress.com/index.p) (CC-BY)
Gumshoe (gumshoe-srd.com/) (CC-BY)
Blades in the Dark (bladesinthedark.com/) (CC-BY)
Legend / OpenQuest (SRDs not out there in the wild quite yet)
OpenD6 (opend6project.org/) (OGL)

@craigmaloney @takeonrules I hear you both talking about SRDs and Open Gaming products and fully support that. I think this is also why I have concerns even with things like SWN. I don't think there is any toxicity there that I am aware of but just having one person driving a game makes it hard to pivot as you have said above. These situations are super sad and difficult to wrestle with.

By the way, another to add to the list is:

Basic Fantasy (basicfantasy.org/) (OGL).

@craigmaloney @takeonrules

Also, though I have the SRD for the OGL game OSRIC:


I find it really difficult to contribute to that lately. I am really needing to have a good think on it with some people in a more legal sense.

@PresGas @craigmaloney I know that Whitehack is OGL, but it doesn't quite have a clean OGC declaration.

@PresGas @craigmaloney SWN is interesting, it takes very little to extract a core system that is in close proximity to the many of the SRDs. @jmettraux is doing some work. The real key is to avoid copyright infringement (rule mechanics are fair game, the words to describe are not)

@PresGas @takeonrules I steered clear away from D&D-related SRDs in part because a) D&D has enough oxygen, and b) the OGC declarations of some of these are pretty problematic (or downright missing), so went with other systems that have more clear declarations (though Legend doesn't quite fit that catergory).

@craigmaloney @PresGas that's a good point of reference. And there are bad users of the OGL/OGC.

@craigmaloney @takeonrules D20-ish OGL's the most important one, because people do want to play a dungeony dragony game.

Microlite20 microlite20.org (OGL)
is the absolute least you can do and still make one. It's the main branch behind my
Stone Halls & Serpent Men mdhughes.tech/rpg/stonehalls/ (OGL)

Swords & Wizardry has multiple edition SRDs, but the website's expired, so location's hard to pin down now. Whitebox 3E has a nice RTF with clear OGL.
#rpg #dnd #ogl

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