Realized that A Quiet Year could use a strange deck of cards that I have.

This deck is for some forgotten Rummy-like game (apparently they were more worried about putting their (c) 1988 K-- (initials of the company) than the actual name of the game. If memory serves the rules were forgettable, and are long since lost to time.

The cards are a "standard" four color deck (Red, Black, Blue, Green) but the "twist" is that the suit color is on the back of the cards. (cont.)

This makes the deck useless for most games where the suit should be hidden information (unless you want to play Poker with friends that don't mind leaking that they have a flush, which... you do you.)

But A Quiet Year requires you to separate the cards by suit, so this deck is perfect for this game.

Wondering if there's other games that separate cards by suit because I'd like to have more than one reason to keep this deck around (other than sheer novelty and a reminder of a shit card game)

(And lest you think I'm joking on how forgettable this game was, I can't even find an entry for it on BoardGame Geek)

If anyone knows the name of this game I'd love to know. It's starting to bug me that I don't know what it is.


@CarlCravens That looks like it. Thanks so much!

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