Any other indie #ttrpg devs here? I would love to get some "networkign" done on this platform as well.


@ordoalea I'm here. I'm primarily working on a Fate-based TTRPG based on the Pepper&Carrot comic and a few other ideas percolating here and there. (mostly "storygames" but also trying to figure out how to get computers to be better at interactive storytelling.)

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@craigmaloney @ordoalea Did I already show you dryads wake? It’s my try at finally creating a system for writing a dialog-based game-system that reads like typical theater-scripts:

There’s a presentation about it from FOSDEM a few years back:

@ArneBab @ordoalea I don't think so. What I'm looking for is a little more free-form than this. Interesting to see so many folks working on this from different angles. Thanks!

@ordoalea @ArneBab I mean having something where a simple AI can drive the NPCs and have them react in surprising ways. Also have it so if the player goess off script that the world still holds up. What I want doesn't exist.

@craigmaloney @ordoalea that’s pretty cool.

What I’m writing is more a tool for cutscenes in the game. Creating the dialogs the AI can build upon. Thanks to being embedded in Scheme, you can use it within any other structure you like — and have the full flexibility of Scheme available in the dialogs.

@craigmaloney @ordoalea I want to make story authors front and center of the development so they don’t have to wait for the game-logic coders to provide what they need, and can do any last-minute changes they want.

Not surprisingly I like writing :-)

@craigmaloney @ordoalea (but the deeper motivation is that I’ve seen the high quality of Starcraft 1 storytelling, where the writers could edit to the very end, compared to the mediocre storytelling of cutscenes in Starcraft 2 which had to be finished long before shipping.

I want games where the story is the first thing to work and the last thing to be frozen.

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