Game idea: Snail of the century

A 100 space track where you only move forward if you roll a 2 on a d100.

First one over the finish line has way too much time on their hands.

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@craigmaloney for more "fun" you move 4 squares forwards on a 2, but have to start over from square 1 if you roll a 100 on d100. [oddly, this is slightly faster overall even with all the restarts than the base version at an average of 9k moves, but tweaking the parameters can easily get one into the millions of moves category).

@craigmaloney NO, wait, that was my testing 5/100 vs 1/100. 1/100 vs 1/100 needs a 7 space effective track to be below 10000 moves. going to a 10 space track gets you to 50k moves and it just goes up from there.

@mneme This game is not supposed to be fun, nor complex; much like the snails mentioned.

@craigmaloney and somehow it’d still be shorter than a game of Munchkin or Fluxx.

@craigmaloney is it an MMO with a global leaderboard, and every dice throw takes at least 1 second?

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