@MoeT Not sure, but I know that I've been focused on other things at the moment.

This just showed up in my spam files. Looks incredibly suspicious to me:


44 backers, over $6,000 pledged, and not a single comment in the comments section.

Their "press coverage" is also shady as well.

Anyone know who could do some more digging into this one?

@djsundog @robert Libre.fm can also send data to Last.fm, which is cool because you can then use ListenBrainz to import that data from there.

Yes, Last.fm is actually useful for something other than giving CBS data it doesn't deserve.

You have two more days to take advantage of the GUMSHOE one-2-one bundle:


Two core books: Cthulhu Confidential written by Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, and Ruth Tillman, and Nights Black Agents: Solo Ops by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, plus many different adventures.

One GM. One Player. Two amazing games.

@olde_fortran Thank you for the upgrade and the notice. Here's hoping for smooth sailing.

Can you only get one person to play RPG games with you? Fear not(*), the Cthulhu Confidential Bundle of Holding has you covered:


Written by Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman, and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

* Note: OK, maybe you can fear a little.

@E_T_Smith As the owner of the work you are not bound by your own license. The license is only that which you allow others to use your work. You are free to license out the work to others under your own terms.

Sadly this is one of those great myths about CC Licenses that keeps getting perpetuated.

I felt ruined for making games by the pandemic and stress of the world. But now I've made this. It feels different to me. Social deduction storytelling about how we choose to live with each other.


I'm really excited about it. Let me know what you think.

@gamethyme Pretty sure the "Check Engine" light on the VW is only set for special occasions like confirmations and barmitzvahs.

Awesome to see platypus@glammr.us along with Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite talk about Getting Started with Horror Roleplaying.


#gumshoe #ttrpg #roleplaying

@paulczege I wish more folks realized that every game out there is an opinion from the game designer.

I want to run some Mindjammer (Fate Core) 2-5 pm pst this saturday? Looking for 4-5 players.

Had a small thought about using GUMSHOE one-2-one and Fate to create a Fate one-2-one game.

GUMSHOE tends to be more gritty but it might be interesting to have consequences that have discard conditions attached to them. Also wondering how the Fate Point economy works with just one player.

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