11. Shoutout an underloved creator.

It's always surprised me that you (or, at least, I) don't hear more people mentioning Sarah Newton https://rpggeek.com/rpgdesigner/20007/sarah-newton. Maybe people sing her praises in places I don't frequent. I mean, they must. Her work has won Ennies, after all. But her name isn't dropped in conversations as often as I'd expect. (Can you, for example, name her Ennie-winning game?)

Her Monsters & Magic https://mindjammerpress.com/monstersandmagic/ is still unique among retro-clones, in that it is the only one that immediately motivated me to want to play it.

And, looking at her list of credits now, I hadn't realized she had a hand in a bunch of titles I recognize.

@wordman Sarah Newton is an absolute treasure. Anglerre and Mindjammer are amazing pieces of work.

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@paulczege Ugh. I really hope the need was there as well. Because that really sucks.

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@apark5 I did a presentation about Mastodon and federation. If you're interested you can watch it at youtu.be/S4amvKNpJoM

I'm just going to leave this here for y'all:


"Famous DJ Squads come to compete for the title of the Planet’s Next DJ Superstars. To create their sounds and effects DJs wear Shells: cybernetically enhanced bodies that they can switch out and customize to create fully integrated multi-sensual experiences. Til Dawnis of course broadcast live for the most ultimate real drama possible. (cont)

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As a game maker one thing I try to be aware of is the landscape of game genres. I've learned a lot by watching my seven-year-old son roam YouTube watching game play-throughs. There's genres of video games you wouldn't believe.

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An RPG game where the players float their actions in bottles down the river.

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