"The creator of indie store itch.io has issued a warning to game developers, as Chooseco appear to be trying to take down anything using the 'choose your own adventure' phrase."


I put out the challenge to anyone to create a "fuck your own adventure" game and just wait for Chooseco to try to take that down.

The Fate shelf gets more and more goodies (Fate of Cthulhu is the latest addition)

@JohnWSheldon @JasonT But then how will the marketers determine your demographics? /sarcasm

Unfortunately marketers have about as much imagination as a pocket calculator has for how their data is gathered / managed / used.

@JasonT @JohnWSheldon pro tip: all survey software is poor qualuty. Some are just slightly better than others.

@paulczege They do, and they're still coming to grips with the technology and what to do with it. So you get things like escape rooms and hide and seek but in 3D. Eventually they'll figure it out. This is like the early days of full motion video games where the game play was akin to Dragon's Lair because that was what figured it out first.

It's cold out there - go on and ! If you have spare funds, want some incredible games, and want to support Whitney, one of our awesome game designers and artists, buy a copy of the bundle on itchio today and SHARE here, there, everywhere!


@paulczege @jimlikesgames @JoshuaACNewman Dammit, every year I promise myself I'll go to UCon and every year I do not attend.

Those are some handsome games there.

Thanks all, for the reports! I continue to appreciate the community keeping things clean. :)

@Nentuaby @Plusorminus I'm not as familiar with it, but yeah, that would be kind of like having a World of Darkness set with this. 😁

@Plusorminus Wait, is the CP supposed to be a 1 or the highest value on the dice?


@Plusorminus Other than being like most Q-Workshop dice in that it's almost like having a tabletop CAPTCHA to figure out what is on the table?

Searchers of Lost Souls is a one-page soulslike RPG built on Searchers of the Unknown, including some lightweight magic rules and simple mechanisms to emulate stamina and encumbrance in video games like Dark Souls and its ilk. jasontocci.itch.io/searchers-o (3/3)

Odd Luck Charms is a card-based game (in active development) inspired by The Lost Room and Warehouse 13, about the modern-day oddballs and obsessives who collect ordinary objects with extraordinary powers. Now includes a brief playtesting scenario. jasontocci.itch.io/odd-luck-ch (2/3)

I've made a few edits to a couple of my older microgames and added them as pay-what-you-want downloads to my Itch page. jasontocci.itch.io (1/3)

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