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@mdhughes I'm not sure I follow how Fudge brings any more immunity to rules lawyering than Fate does. Perhaps it's the subjectivity of when an aspect can be compelled or not that drives some of that distaste?

@mdhughes I quite like FUSGE and Fate. I think they're rather complementary. And I think GURPS 3e and 4e really tried to accentuate that disadvantages are supposed to figure into play, but creating a laundry-list of disadvantages means at some point they're not getting played.

I think the first few pages of Fate Accessibility Toolkit crystallized one of the reasons I have problems taking GURPS seriously as a game system. I have some more thoughts on this, but the short of it is disability as a disadvantage in order to get more points to offset that disadvantage.

Think I'm going to prune a lot of the books that I have in my game design / development bookshelf. Lots of them basically say the same thing without really adding much to the overall conversation.

That said I don't think I'll ever get rid of my Chris Crawford books. Literally opened up the book to the end of how he designed Eastern Front and his discussion about symphonic games gave me designing feels.


I think this upcoming week is the week that I put some serious effort into game design.

But am happy to see Pelgrane Press / Ken Hite get a nod for The Fall of Delta Green. Really love the whole feel of that seeting.

TFW you look through your RSS feeds and think "I should remove this from my feeds because it has gone dormant" only to receive a post on why it is being reactivated:

Welcome back.

Pro-tip: If you want to read something later either:

1) Print it to a PDF and drop that into a read_review folder
2) Add the link into your next actions list
3) Make a bookmark

in order of usefulness / ease of use.

Honestly, if I came up behind you and closed your browser you shouldn't want to kill me for closing your tabs. Give yourself the mental break from seeing all of that crap in your face at all times.

#productivity #firefox #chrome

I've decided to put all my Pay-What-You-Want titles on DriveThruRPG on sale. For the rest of the month, they're all now Pay-Half-Of-What-You-Want.

Has someone in games done something you'd like to recognize? Would you like to congratulate or praise someone? Fill out the Friday Hi-Day form by 11am Eastern tomorrow (7/12) & I'll boost them on my stream btwn 12p-2p at Please RT!

@paulczege The night giveth and the morning taketh away. The morning therefor should be avoided at all costs. ;)

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