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Got the Face Accelerated Core Dice, Fate Points, and Infernal Dice in the mail. Also the frosted dice. Looking forward to using these in a game at some point.

Tonight I heard Nine Inch Nails "Sin" at the Coney and I'm not sure if that means it's an oldie now or if someone wasn't paying attention to the playlist

Hm, it looks like Diaspora "ignore" doesn't actually apply to comments from a user, just their posts.

Seems like the sort of thing that would have been ironed out early on.

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Hi, I'm Craig Maloney. By day I'm a freelance computer programmer. By night I work on several projects including the Pepper&Carrot Fate RPG and the Pepper&Carrot Wiki. I'm also working on learning Godot for some other projects.

I help maintain Tootstream, which is a command-line client for Mastodon.

My main account is over on but I check from time to time.

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FWIW I know tons of people on Google+ who really value their relationships there and the platform. This is gonna be a blow to a lot of people. (These people are 100% tabletop game designers and enthusiasts. I don't know of any other community that gives two shits about Google+.) (My homies on know this, most of them are also on Google+)

And with a number of folks leaving their forwarding addresses on book-countenance or birdsite it seems there will be even fewer folks I'll be able to interact with in the RPG community.

And that really upsets me.

What really pisses me off about the shuttering of G+ is that the community of folks that are there have limited options to rebuild those communities. And part of the reason those communities came together was because G+ was forced on Google users so it felt like a "safe" option.

And now they're going to be dispersed. I wouldn't know half of the RPG community without G+.

Hoping more folks decide to show back up here now that G+ has shown that it'll be toast.

Fearing that they too will get sucked back into Facebook and Twitter and I won't be able to follow.

Anyone here reading "Think Like a Game Designer" by Justin Gary?

Thoughts on it?

I'm reading it now and quite enjoying it.

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