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Supporting a few people have asked about how to support The short answer is you don't have to. But if you want to help us meet our costs (about $20/month) we now accept contributions at

For some reason last night I decided that I wanted to pick up Atlantis: The Second Age (the Morrigan Press version) just to see what it's about. Also picked up the bestiary. I blame P.D. Breeding-Black's artwork on the cover of that one for the impulse buy.

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Are you ready for *Driving In Cars with Game Designers*? Alex Grisafi interviewed me and Ron Edwards on the way to the last day of Lucca 2018. Hear me talk about finding inspiration for games and about what's missing from the Big Model. Google Translate is decent, but the text is less than the full interview. The linked audio is complete.
And here's a selfie with Ron after the interview.

Not sure if this is the first time several of the folks who are guests at U-Con have been to Michigan, but if it is their first time and nobody takes them to either a coney island or offers them Detroit-style Pizza I will consider their trip for naught.

Naturally I realized this after the online registration and during a period that would make it rather difficult to get out there

Just took a look at the first list for U-Con and dammit if there aren't some fine folks that I would like to shake hands with and thank for their amazing work.

This might have been more relevant a couple of days ago, but if anyone needs a one-page PBTA Cthlulhu-like RPG:

Got the Face Accelerated Core Dice, Fate Points, and Infernal Dice in the mail. Also the frosted dice. Looking forward to using these in a game at some point.

Tonight I heard Nine Inch Nails "Sin" at the Coney and I'm not sure if that means it's an oldie now or if someone wasn't paying attention to the playlist

Hm, it looks like Diaspora "ignore" doesn't actually apply to comments from a user, just their posts.

Seems like the sort of thing that would have been ironed out early on.

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Hi, I'm Craig Maloney. By day I'm a freelance computer programmer. By night I work on several projects including the Pepper&Carrot Fate RPG and the Pepper&Carrot Wiki. I'm also working on learning Godot for some other projects.

I help maintain Tootstream, which is a command-line client for Mastodon.

My main account is over on but I check from time to time.

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