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and then a thing of my own which you can get on DriveThruRPG is "The Creeping Kudzu: A Monster Zine"

It's a #kudzupunk monster concept + stats for a subset of systems. Pay what you want.

Or if you prefer (where I set it at $1 minimum)

If you're in the USA and want some quality role playing material you can get some of the overstock from Evil Hat publishing at a great price:

War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus is an absolute steal here, written by @MechanteAnemone.

Don't let these quality books and games become write-offs. Pick some up today.

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*There are so many new indie rpgs, which ones should I care about?*
I created the indie rpg pipeline to track as many as I can find, but with 60+ games coming out each month it's tough to figure which ones are worth a look. I asked a couple of friends who know rpgs better than I do for help. You may already know them, they're James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan. They did a podcast of their view on new indie rpgs from Dec that are worth a glance.

Feedback welcome!

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Looks like "Shadow of the Century" is finally out for Kickstarter backers of Fate Core. That's awesome news!

Thank you, everyone at Evil Hat.

I think I've hit the point where I'm more likely to play a Fudge game than a GURPS game.

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The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c)
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

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Day five of a horrible migraine. I'm going to be behind on everything.

A couple ways you can help?

Call your reps to speak out against the border closing and cruelty.
Share the Turn Kickstarter link ( cuz I'm too wiped to.
Send pics of Great Danes.πŸ’œ

Chris Crawford ( has retired from his Storytron project. It is now open source and has a new maintainer:

#interactive #storytelling #storytron

Waffling between my desires to talk about the shit storms going on and wanting to keep this place calm and without malice.

The Torchbearer blog [] linked two good old-school-style adventures today: The Beacon at Enon Tor, and Skogenby (included with Torchbearer).

I'm borrowing Tales from the Yawning Portal from my friend @Seacitygamer , and I've got B1 (In Search of the Unknown) and A0-4 I mentioned earlier.

What other OSR-style adventures should I be taking a look at?

Supporting a few people have asked about how to support The short answer is you don't have to. But if you want to help us meet our costs (about $20/month) we now accept contributions at

For some reason last night I decided that I wanted to pick up Atlantis: The Second Age (the Morrigan Press version) just to see what it's about. Also picked up the bestiary. I blame P.D. Breeding-Black's artwork on the cover of that one for the impulse buy.

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Are you ready for *Driving In Cars with Game Designers*? Alex Grisafi interviewed me and Ron Edwards on the way to the last day of Lucca 2018. Hear me talk about finding inspiration for games and about what's missing from the Big Model. Google Translate is decent, but the text is less than the full interview. The linked audio is complete.
And here's a selfie with Ron after the interview.

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