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I adore that Evil Hat made For the Queen CC-BY, and I also adore that there are already games made using this system:

I have no idea how this would work but a RPG based on the works of Parliament Funkadelic seems way overdue.

Are there any podcasts that specialize in covering what is new with the Fate RPG?

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Abilities + Racial Modifiers = Abilities, Social Class = Gifts, Character Options = Skills. You could probably create a whole stunts system for the combat stunts if you so choose.

But the thing that bugs me the most? Fantasy AGE isn't openly licensed, so it's an evolutionary dead-end unless Green Ronin decides to do more with it.

I think I figured out what bugs me about Fantasy Age (FAGE). The first is that I'm not a fan of the "Roll + Modifiers >= difficulty" mechanic that was lifted from D20 (and True 20; let's be honest) but that I could replicate most of what is in there using Fudge.

I think this is why I adore the Fudge rules-system: it was literally stone soup, crafted on the internet until it became a potent broth.

24-page 8.5"x5.5" campaign booklet (complete custom D&D 5e compatible one-shot campaign by Dungeon Punx based on the Verminous cover art and title track)

7-dice set (black and green D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20 w/ custom toxic crescent moon symbol)

18"x9" die-cut Dungeon Master's screen

(among others)

Pretty sure once folks get over their desire to recreate some actual or fantastical notion of a nostalgic event in gaming we could actually make some progress in game design.


Pelgrane Press added the GUMSHOE one-2-one and Quick Shock content to their Creative Commons BY-3.0 SRD


Munchkin Harry Potter is a thing now, and I'm pretty sure there is stuff competition between Munchkin and Funko Pop for the title of most useless tie-in.

Just noticed that the latest GURPS release is "Disasters: Hurricanes" and I think we're ever closer to the full sourcebook for GURPS Cucumber yet.

(And yes, I have seen this:

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