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Donating a bunch of books to the Internet Archive because they remind you of a problematic creator, as one does.

(note: vague on purpose).

Thinking of presenting about how not to do game design at #penguicon2021 as a list of anti-patterns that I have found over the years in my own not-publishing games. Near the top of that list would be all of the not-terribly-helpful advice I've gotten through books and the like, and how to connect with your goals of game design rather than trying to suss out the market and work in the gaming industry.

Will see if I can flesh out the idea more to create an abstract.

#gamedesign #penguicon

Solo games seem to be gaining in popularity and as an only child I feel really seen.

Three authors / game designers that I adore. Closest I've come to getting them to sign my book in person but it will have to do for now.

Signatures of Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman, and Robin D Laws; Cthulhu Confidential.

Looking for a tabletop RPG bundle about transhumanism written by anarchists and is available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license?

Look no further:

The major innovation in RPGs in the past 20 years is "make failure interesting."

Starting to have a crisis of faith on whether or not I want to keep my PbtA books now that Blades in the Dark seems to have pushed into that territory, and I never managed to really wrap my head around PbtA.

Thanks to @paulczege for pointing me in the direction of the Game Essays jam, for it uncovered this gem of an essay about hacking with Blades in the Dark:

Not just for folks who are converting Blades in the Dark.

#ttrpg #gamedesign

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