Dear gods, playing a replicant Blade Runner sounds like a completely disturbing mind-!@#$.

Could be amazing RP with the right crew, but omg i do _not_ want that kind of disturbing stuff in my life right now.


@masukomi Yeah, I know it's the name of the IP and all that, but I kind of don't want to to play as a Blade Runner at all, given what the job entails.

I gave this one a pass, without meaning that as a comment on those making it or looking forward to playing it.

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@cumush Ditto. Fria Ligan does great work, and i'm sure it'll be a beautiful book and probably play really well... but... yeah. just don't want anything to do with it.

amazed the kickstarter is doing so well. The world is so damn dystopian already . I thought more folks were avoiding the heavy stuff these days.

then again, the IP is great, and lots of nostalgia too.

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