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I just migrated my account over to from after 4 years, so it's time for a new . My name is Chris Dolunt (he/him). I'm a and I work in library technology.

I also enjoy writing . I wrote "Nyambe" during the d20 boom and the original "Rippers" for . I've been nominated for and lost the Diana Jones, Origins, and Ennie awards.

I'm a canon NPC (Kargas Dolunt) in Blackmoor, and I'm running a 5E Blackmoor game for my family.

Largest renewable energy purchase from a utility in U.S. history will add 650 Megawatts of solar power to Ford's assembly plants in Michigan by 2025.

daily reminder that CPU is literally a rock that we tricked into thinking

Slightly good news, for a change. The Horniman Museum in London is to return 72 artefacts stolen in 1897 after razing the enire Kingdom of Benin at the request of the Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments including 12 of the Bronzes

Good. Now return the remaining 37, plus the 327 at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the 700 at the British Museum, and make full repayments. These are not our things to keep and gawk at, this is not a legacy we get to have pride in

Roger E. Mosley, best known for playing TC on Magnum PI, passed away at age 83 after being injured in a car crash. Fond memories of him from my childhood. Rest in Peace.

The letter goes on to talk about how the Negro Students Organization felt that the SDS was using the "Black Power" slogan for their own ends, and they eventually reached a compromise in which Carmichael would not actually talk about Black power in his speech that day, but he kinda did anyways.

"Phil" is my uncle, who was a grad student of Russian history at the time, and the letter was written by "Ted", a member of the SDS (I think?)

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If my uncle was hanging around with the SDS in Berkeley in the late 1960s, was his father, my grandfather, angry? No, he was too busy donating to Industrial Workers of the World.

Found an amazing letter while going through my aging uncle's correspondence regarding Stokely Carmichael's speech at on October 29, 1966. Here's an excerpt.

Amphibian pond at our local zoo. No frogs to be seen, but they're in there somewhere.

"What if instead of an application, we had humans do the driving for you?"

You just invited chauffeurs.

"No, I mean like as an on demand thing."

You just invented cabs.

"No, I mean let's share it so you only need to go to easily identified pickup points."

Like public transit?

"No! I mean for long distances without all the agony of airports."

So, high speed rail.

".....why do you hate innovation?"

this depraved, sickening social media community needs to be shut down immediately: LinkedIn

Now #Amazon can record the inside of your house with #Roomba, the outside of your house with #Ring, and your voice with #Alexa.

Monkeypox worrying you?

Do yourselves a favor and don't read all of the hand-wringing, sensaltionalist garbage flying around in the popular media sphere.

Find some real facts to work with.
Don't fall for the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
True knowledge is the best preparation.

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This is the new @DianaJonesAward trophy, by the way. The folks at @thegamecrafter did a fantastic job with it!

It's unreal. Like ... you might have to make some extremely mild personal sacrifices to KEEP THE PLANET HABITABLE. What a tragedy, right?

Was feeling old today, then I had this conversation:

This will be the first time since 1982 that I'm not managing VMS boxes. FORTY years. It's a little disorienting.
It's probably time to stop saying "My career depends on DEC's success."

I always thought DECkers where just made-up stories to make children eat their vegetables and learn java. 🤣

People slept better at night thinking we were just a myth.

People are funny.

"Ugh we're probably going to have rolling blackouts this winter because of our dependence on Russian gas"

"Ugh, the windmills they put out in the bay are so ugly. I wish they hadn't done that!"

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