Not sure on the translation on these. Doesn't sound appetising.

I've started writing the full prose for Tested on Elementals. It's shorter than I thought it would be, which is pleasing.

I'm now, of course, thinking I'm leaving important information out.

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My son's first dungeon map.

Which now has me thinking about using flat Lego bits for mapping

I would like to watch the rain on the lotus leaves.

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Started with the loop in the centre with the three way junctions, then pulled a long loop for the two stations. Added a side harbour and then another loop over the top of that as the boy wanted to use the little bridges there. Finally a little siding off the centre loop.

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Juniper Jackelcry may be small but she's the fastest quick draw gunslinger south of the mountains.

#ttrpg #TTRPGs #character #orc

The Boxfeld's Crypt

A tomb on two levels where the Boxfelds keep their dead.

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FRIK! YES! FRIK! It's a GAME gnomes who made a SWORD and then a FRIKKIN' adventurer USES it and THEN DIES 'cause the sword's ONLY OKAY.

So the gnomes make the FRIKKIN' SWORD a little FRIKKIN' BETTER and TRY the FRIK AGAIN!


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RT @widdledragon
The PDF for Prism is on sale for the @DriveThruRPG X-Mas in July Sale. Here's a discount code so folks can get a discount on the book + PDF: 9aa1021520.

If you could leave a review, or spread the word, I'd be much obliged.

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Elise is never going to forgive Lord Lindauer for his coup, his destruction of her newspaper and the scars he left on her face.

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Hey, I know I kinda vanished for a long time. Im dealing with some stuff, but I got good news.
The Bottomless Ravine is ready to be playtested. Anyone interested in doing online games can contact me.
Boosts are thanked and I accept both boons and veterans.

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