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Rasmika Joyanto is White Tiger Paladin of the Moon goddess Otone. She's traveling to prevent a prophecy of destruction and find a good cup of tea. #ttrpg #paladin #tiger @ttrpg

We are the Yardigans, playing Dungeon Crawl Classic at Yardley's Dungeons and Flagons event and Yardley's Cafe and Bar.

Thinking about single use puff thrusters for mini spacecraft that use tiny pyrotechnics. A single little burst of ∆V for small preplanned course changes.

Eleytra used to raise armies of the undead for warlords but now she's on paladin community service so she's traded nercromancy for lost souls.

Further iteration, now trying out a full character from Giant Chickens. @6d6rpg

Further character sheet tinkering. Now adding in a sample mid tier monster and playing with the box sizes and font size. @6d6rpg

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If you're interested in learning about how to think about RPG play at an atomic level (like learning chords), I recommend looking at these courses: I've taken 4 of them. They are refreshingly free of commercial concerns.

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My solution to D&D counters/figurines as I'm on a tight budget and deadline! It's just some rocks from my garden I drew on with acrylic pens. Gonna use them for an irl session I'm running tomorrow to depict the player characters (the top 3 rocks) and some of the NPCs they could potentially encounter/fight.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more smooth round rocks to draw on now...

#dnd #ttrpg #rocks

Tinkering with a @6d6rpg . I'm happier with the primary textbook now and the stat block is now a stat bar. Was able to retain the red banner by going vertical with them.

Dungeon World, Fiasco and 18XX at One Shot Saturday. my of Dungeon World ended on a tragedy as the Princess died protecting her fiancé from his demon father. So the wedding became a funeral. Excellent drama for my table of first time players, very pleased how well they responded to my leading questions.

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Valqine Llewis used to be a humble civil servant but now she has a hammer and blood feud to settle. #ttrpg #character

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