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🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here:

I kept tinkering with

until I felt satisfied :3

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I'm not sure it will work, which I stated explicitly and we all agreed to. But it'll be a nice change of pace

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The Spin-off follows some NPCs we vaguely introduced tonight.

Recently the main characters opened a bar, we'll play a BitD game where the protagonists are the NPCs they hired to run the bar in their absence, because they will be fighting the BBEG

I don't have a ton of details because we just agreed to that, but I think we'll play a score of BitD, the down time, and then get back to dnd, settle some encounters and get back to BitD

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The idea is that main characters are beefy enough that we'll plan encounters to directly target the BBEG, who will likely be using massive creatures. Which is something we were building towards, but I think we all were sort of afraid of really pushing there.

There will be a bit more of hard framing to put the characters in that situation, but we agreed that was sort of necessary to get the characters the resolution we feel they need

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We had a really productive conversation about our LVL 12 dnd game tonight

I been feeling like there's friction in our game, turns out we all feel like that somewhat. We agreed on how we'd like to fix it

At the same time the idea of a "spin off" of the same series came out and we are doing that 😂

We are playing a Blades in the dark spin-off, it will need a bit of adaptation but I think it'll be ok

From dev to dev, I'm telling you IIS will only make you cry

I really like the Stygian Library. I made an spreadsheet to help me randomize quicker the rooms so we can keep more pace, but I really really like it

So. That's the whole chapters of Basic Fantasy on Adventuring and Running Adventures.

A pretty good read honestly. Extremely dense but very readable. As far as dungeon delving I still have some things to check regarding both games but so far I think I've learnt a lot

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xD why a save against petrification? Is it because not being petrified requires you to move and moving is related to avoiding the falling block?

This has been by far the funniest thing I've seen out of this game

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Rolled some 0-lvl DCC characters just because, was interesting, but there was very little support for actually doing it, all the information is there, but there's no step by step

Book repeats over and over "you are an experienced gamer" and I think you really have to be, which🤷🏽‍♀️

It's interesting how OSE assumes the map will be for player navigation, it is a MAP after all, not the terrain itself. The map's use as a combat aid is mentioned in passing

However with the game's war gaming origins I think it was sort of inevitable that it would evolve into the way it is now

5e mentions grids exclusively as an aid for "complex battles" and the map as something that the GM will make ahead of time but doesn't even mention how, or even if, it is to be shared with players

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This is not my favorite silent film, but the soundtrack does make it the one I rewatch the most

Resting in itself is a whole thing. In OSE resting is required once per hour, otherwise you incur penalties. It's another way to push your luck: You must balance the trade off between burning resources by "wasting" a turn, and getting a -1 to rolls

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I'm also thinking of a five torches deep review I saw a few months ago and the changes it made for 5e including the level cap

And I'm thinking about Ironsworn Delve, and how even though it's not OSR by any means it captures the feeling that the dungeon "is supposed" to have

Aaaand I'm thinking I need to check Trophy

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I started this exercise because I had the gut feeling that by introducing just some time and equipment tracking, modifying movement rates and using some OSR assumptions I'd find that 5e could be a serviceable dungeon crawl game (somewhat contrary to my own experience)

But I'm staring to think a dungeon crawl in 5e needs much more than that

I'm planning a single 10ish room dungeon crawl in 5e anyway just to make the experiment

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So 5e's DMG has at least two sections that are kind of beefy regarding dungeons:
- Chapter 5 Adventure endironments
- Apendix A: Random Dungeons

the former considers things like who built the dungeon and with what purpose, even sounds and other things to "dress it". The second has tables to roll a dungeon in the moment (tempted to try that)

BUT... Apendix B: Monster Lists has no list for Dungeons. The game calls dungeons an adventure environment, but no list of antagonists to find there


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TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle on Itch, benefitting abortion rights charities. Has a lot of cool stuff, well worth your $5.00 minimum purchase.

(Overlaps somewhat with the comparable Drivethru bundle, but this also has a lot of things that one doesn't. and a lower minimum price, if the Drivethru one was too expensive for you or something.)

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