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🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here:

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Time to Draw the Dungeons!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.

Drew this little tower last stream - today we're working on sewer geomorphs for Inkwell Ideas. Please join me, I love the company!

People who are tall or GM standing up, if you use a gm screen how do you do it?

I don't use a screen but I often use printed references on the table in front of me. Recently I tried a screen and I liked that it freed up space. But I can't comfortably read it from my perspective

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Help me run a tiny summer camp!

I teach at an alt school in a 2/3 minority, very poor community. Well-heeled families also send use their kids because we’re an amazing school.

Every June, a couple parents approach me to do summer things with their kids. They’re always great kids, but they’re also the families who can afford to pay a teacher out of pocket.

This year, I’m taking one kid under my wing paid for by his dad, and another whose parents can’t.

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A big honeybee hard at work on a little Rosa multiflora blossom. She's longer than the petals! And there were so many baby roses that the plant smelled amazing without having to get too close. #florespondence

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I finished reading Agon. I found it interesting if a bit dry honestly. But the system itself seems cool

I like that, by default, everyone is rolling and you are rolling for "contests" not for /checks/

I think I would like the hacks more than Agon itself, but it's worth checking for the ideas.

I'm thinking of some small hacks for one-shots in my local store, based on our own mexican myths, that'd be interesting, even if it sounds like a ton of work

Apparently this year I've already played

- Mörk Borg
- Thisrty Sword Lesbians
- Flying Circus
- Brindlewood Bay
- Nahual
- Blades in the Dark
- Troika
- Fall of Magic
- Pasión de las Pasiones
- Ironsworn
- Hearts of Wulin

aaaaaand dee and dee

Which averages to almost 2 per month. Pretty neat

Today I found out something about someone, excuse the vagueness, and I think if I had known that two months ago I would have acted differently

I'm not responsible for other people's actions but I also don't feel comfortable supporting people who act in bullish, mean spirited ways

I'm reading Agon. The system seems cool, I like that everyone takes part on the pool you roll. But the default setting is very, idk hard to relate to for me


Burning 2800Cal against 2200 ingest is intense too xD

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I used competitive swim before covid, at a local level, still I was on competitions at least twice a month. I really liked it

Training didn't felt right once the pandemic hit and competitions stopped so there wasn't much point anyway. Conversely gained a lot of weight that I had lost in the previous years; not uncomfortable about that, it's just a fact

Recently I started with training and diet again

I had forgotten how on the edge you can get when you consume near zero carbohydrates

I find it very frustrating when people say I'm good at teaching stuff, specially programming. Because even if the experience for the other person is good It's very tense for me; most of the time I'm just yelling internally: "read, please please read the line! it's all on the code, just /readdddd/"

It took me until page 360 to realize a "Luck Check" is a roll under the luck score.

It is stated in page 19. But it works so different than the other systems that even though **I know I read it** my brain just didn't registered it

Up to this point luck seemed weird, because I was expecting it to be rolled against a nebulous DC

But a roll under makes a lot of sense... it's just weird in the context of the other systems, because luck is also an "Ability Score" but can work differently sometimes

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Holy shit: Jeremy Strandberg (author of the amazing Dungeon World blog Spouting Lore) archived 31 Google+ communities by converting them to WordPress posts, preserving 37,000 G+ posts in the process.

I stumbled across this today. It feels like finding a literal treasure trove.

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Hey, RPG & mystery heads (as well as M of Ragged Feathers completionists):

The KS campaign for Brindlewood Bay is winding down so if you think an RPG that's like "Murder She Wrote" meets Lovecraft sounds fun, make sure to get a pledge in.

I'm writing a little mystery for it featuring race horses, a witch, and /murder!/

Mystery-solving grannies! Cozy crimes and a weird occult story hidden in the background!

I made a Witcher reference Booklet for my partner

I got a long stapler and I think I might get one of those things that round paper corners

I also used pdfbook2 tool which sorts pages and makes them printable in this booklet format

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Of course with other games, even adventuring ones, this is not as needed. But in dnd where a lot of the written down mechanics are *still* about resource management the PCs independence comes at the expense of disregarding such mechanics and encouraging the tourist approach a lot of dnd games take

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