I'm going to be using an OSR module with Troika. Does anyone has any advice on translating saving throws from something closer to B/X to Skill in troika?

For example, a monster reads, Save as Fighter 3. I have the Fighter 3 table, but how would you interpret those numbers for Troika?


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@darkade We've got you, fam. Subtract the number from B/X save tables from 18. That becomes the "total skill" value for Troika's 2d6 roll.

@Sandra @darkade that works, I thinki would just swap Saves for Luck tests though.

@Sandra I was substracting from 20 in some tests I made, but 18 is more reasonable. I'll check on how that compares to the numbers I was running in my tests :3 Thank you!

@BrianBloodaxe And yup is for the monsters, so neither saves, nor luck. But just the Skill, I'm trying to interpret what a Skill number would be, since you need it for when monsters are ranged attacked. Or in case they need to make a check

@darkade @Sandra Ah yeah, I forgot that monsters save too!

The issue with converting the Saves (using either 18 or 20) is that it can make low saves terrible and high saves basically unfailable. You would probably want monster "Save Skill" in the range of 5-10, which is basically already the range of monster Skill. So I think I would just have the monsters roll against their Skill, with a +1 or -1 if I thought they were particularly good or bad at that thing.

@BrianBloodaxe you are not wrong, but if you don't have any listed skill value you need a way to get it. Guessing is fine, it's what I was planning to do, but I was looking for options.

in that sense, the thing I did was calculating the probability of sucess in b/x and map it to the 2d6 probability to choose the closest corresponding skill value

For example for a B/X save value of 12, the closest troika skill would be 6. A 14 maps to a 5, roughly


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