🎲I've been working on Yonder, a Free dice roller that works within google sheets

Right now it supports PbtA, FitD and d20-like games, as well as Troika and Flying Circus directly

Try it and let it me know if it works for you!!

➡️➡️➡️Get it here: bit.ly/3MfBnLK

@darkade I couldn't tell from the trailer video - does this support Fate dice too or just the 'standard' polyhedrals?

@Dreampod In the meantime just the standard polyhedral. But I can add fudge dice easily-ish to the improvising bar

I'll do it in the week :3

But at some point I could implement a generic fate roller as well. I don't know fate enough right now, just `roll 4df` but it's doable

If you have some fate-based games recommendations to check out I'll add them to the reading stack :P


@Dreampod Generic roller would be very interesting to me as dev as well, because maybe it could support fudge dice and the fate deck.

Might be wildly underestimating the complexity of a shared deck for the players within the constraints a google sheets add-on... but It'd be cool to think about

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